National Racing Calendar (NRC) Requirements & Procedures


Welcome to the 2016 NRC—a collection of the top stage races, omniums and one-day road races that America has to offer.  The 2016 NRC will mirror international-style racing in many ways but will also include an American flavor. These events will be a stepping stone for riders to prepare for larger scale UCI races such as The Amgen Tour of California, USA Pro Challenge and the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah while still allowing amateur riders to race against the professionals. The goal of the NRC is to showcase the top domestic teams and promote their riders and sponsors. The following is a summary of rules and procedures applicable to NRC races in 2016.

Events Allowed

  1. Stage Races must be a multi-day event (maximum seven days) consisting of races that are scored on time and added together to create a general classification based on time. Riders must complete each individual race to be eligible to start the next race or be placed in the general classification. Stage races can include criteriums, but criteriums cannot make up more than half of the racing days. For example, if you have a four-day event, no more than two of those stages can be criteriums with a circuit under 5k.
  2. Mixed Omniums must be a multi-day event (maximum five days) with concurrent days (no “off” or “rest” days). Scoring is based on points collected in each race and added together to create an overall omnium standing. Riders do not have to compete in all events to appear in the overall omnium standings. Events in a mixed omnium must be some combination of road races, time trials and criteriums. Criteriums cannot make up more than half of the days of racing.
  3. Road Races must be a standalone single-day event that does not belong to an omnium or stage race. This is either a point-to-point race or a circuit race with circuits at least 5k long. 
  4. UCI races with a 1.2 or 2.2 classification will automatically be added to the calendar. 

Prize Lists

  1. Prize list for the Pro/1 Men’s and/or Cat 1/2 Women’s categories are as follows:
    1. Minimum of $15,000 for one day events with one gender (men’s or women’s races with NRC status).
    2. Minimum of $22,500 for one day events with both men’s and women’s races.
    3. Minimum of $25,000 for multi-day events with one gender.
    4. Minimum of $37,500 for multi-day events with both men’s and women’s races.
  2. If your event will be offering both Men’s and Women’s categories, each gender must have no less than 50% of the prize list of the other gender.
  3. If there is a change in prize money totals or structure of your event after your event has been accepted, USA Cycling must be notified immediately. USA Cycling reserves the right to remove events that lower their posted prize list or change their event after being accepted on the NRC.

Selection of Riders and Teams

  1. NRC races are invitational races by nature. The race director can select the teams and/or riders to be invited assuming they stay within USA Cycling and UCI rules. UCI Pro Continental teams cannot compete in NRC events that are not on the UCI calendar. Any exceptions to that rule will have to be granted by the UCI with a request made through USA Cycling. 
  2. All NRC races must invite all USA Cycling-registered UCI Continental teams and Women’s teams in good standing to enter their race. Only in extreme circumstances will USA Cycling allow an NRC event to exclude such a UCI Continental team that registers before the deadline, assuming that the race has not reached the field limit. Please contact USA Cycling if you feel the need to exclude someone.

Rider Categories

Riders eligible to compete in NRC races include UCI Continental men’s teams, UCI Women’s teams, category 1 amateur men, and category 1 and 2 amateur women. UCI Pro Continental riders may only compete if the event is also a UCI race. ProTeam (UCI Pro Tour) riders cannot compete in NRC races. Please note—NRC events DO NOT allow category 2 men or category 3 women to compete in the pro race! 

Team Composition

  1. All NRC races are “team limited” races. The team limit is a default maximum of eight riders, but a race director may enforce a lower limit. No team or club may enter more than one team in an NRC race. In case of dispute, the determination of whether two teams are separate or not is made by USA Cycling per rule 1H4.
  2. USA based professional teams often have part of their roster designated as their “domestic riders.” These riders do not appear on the UCI rider list, but for the purposes of NRC races, they may race as part of the professional team and wear the UCI team jersey, still respecting the total team limit. These rosters will be listed on the USA Cycling website.
  3. A team may have “guest riders” subject to other USA Cycling rules. Note that guest riders score no team points as described below.
  4. If a team has entered, none of its riders may enter as guest riders for other teams.

Team Scoring

  1. The top three riders of each team in each event score points for their team.
  2. For single day events, the total team points for a given race will be the sum of the individual points for the top three scoring riders. For stage races and omniums, the total team points for a given race will be the sum of the individual points for the top three riders in the overall standings, plus any stage win or special jersey bonuses earned by any of their riders (see Points Table Appendix).
  3. Only the officially registered riders of a team may score points for the team NRC rankings.
  4. If a team has a guest rider who would have scored points as one of the top three riders, that rider will score no points, but the next best placed scoring rider will be counted.
  5. Only teams officially registered with USA Cycling may compete for NRC team rankings. These teams will comprise:
    1. UCI teams registered through USA Cycling
    2. UCI teams registered through another federation that have also registered with USA Cycling for the purpose of competing in NRC races
    3. USA Cycling Domestic Elite teams that register with USA Cycling for the purpose of competing in NRC races


  1. The Chief Referee(s) for all NRC races will be assigned by USA Cycling, and will be at least a National Commissaire. USA Cycling will cover the fees, per diem, and travel expenses of the Chief Referee(s) assigned by USA Cycling. The race organizer will cover housing of the Chief Referee(s) and the fees and expenses of the other officials. In a situation where a stage race is NRC status for both men and women, USA Cycling will assign both the men’s Chief Referee (CR) and the women’s Chief Referee (CR) and cover fees and travel for both.
  2. When the race is both an NRC race and UCI race, USA Cycling will assign the entire crew. The Chief Referee will usually be assigned and paid by the UCI.
  3. USA Cycling will assign the Chief Judge (CJ) for all NRC stage races and Omniums, and this person will be at least a level A official except in unavoidable circumstances. These fees are the responsibility of the race organizer.
  4. USA Cycling must approve the rest of the officials’ crew prior to the final assignment of officials, which will be made according to the system in place in the local association of the event. The USA Cycling Technical Director will work with the race organizer to oversee this process. For more info contact
  5. For stage races, if both the men’s race and women’s race is on the NRC, a separate CR and CJ must be assigned to handle the women’s event, with the same minimum rank of officials for those two positions. If the race includes a series of local categories as well, enough extra officials must be assigned to allow the NRC crews to concentrate on the NRC. Omniums and single day road races may also have to follow this guideline depending on the nature of the event.
  6. Officials assigned by USA Cycling are paid according to the Schedule of Fees for UCI/National Championship races. All other officials are paid according to the Schedule of Fees for Top Tier Calendar races.
  7. Any overtime fees of the Chief Referee(s) due to working any non-NRC events on the schedule will be the responsibility of the Race Director.
  8. For travel expenses of the Chief Referee, USA Cycling will cover airfare and baggage fees if (s)he is flying, or mileage to the event if (s)he is driving. Once at the airport of the venue, transportation around the event is the responsibility of the Race Director.

Technical Services

  1. All NRC races must use a high-quality photo finish camera run by a professional operator. For time trials, electronic timing must be used. Results should be made available to participants and media within 30 minutes of the last finisher in the race and the race director should have the results posted to USA Cycling’s website that evening in the proper format. All riders who have registered for the event should be scored a place (or a DNF/DNS).
  2. For road events, at least two neutral service vehicles must be provided and operated by qualified drivers and mechanics.

Road Closures

  1. All criteriums must be run on completely closed courses (no coned off lanes). If a course is using a single road for two-way traffic, it must be hard fenced in between the two sides of the course.
  2. All road races must be run on either a completely closed course or utilizing a rolling enclosure effected by sufficient law enforcement officers who have been trained in the operation of such a rolling enclosure (i.e. no centerline rule for NRC races).
  3. All time trials must be on courses closed to all vehicles except race-related traffic.


  1. The National Racing Calendar and the USA Cycling logo must be included on all collateral materials used to promote the event.  All USA Cycling guidelines and standards must be adhered to.
  2. The USA Cycling logo must be represented on the start/finish truss (upper right OR left corner), fence signage (USAC supplied banners on or very near the start/finish line), and awards backdrop (one USAC NRC logo in each square meter or a single large logo on the podium blocks) for all NRC events.
  3. The USA Cycling NRC logo must be included on all National Racing Calendar event web pages and must include a link to USA Cycling’s web page:
  4. Announcements must be made on-site over the PA declaring your event’s participation in the USA Cycling National Racing Calendar. 
  5. The top five riders in the NRC standings as of the Tuesday before the NRC event must be called to the start line before the remainder of the field is allowed to roll up. If any of the top five riders are not present, the five top-ranked NRC riders who are at the event may be called to the start line, at the race director’s discretion.

Results and Standings

  1. Results must be submitted to USA Cycling in the USAC standard electronic format for each day of competition. Results from all NRC races are due in their entirety no later than midnight the day of the race. For questions regarding result submission please contact the USA Cycling technical manager at


  1. Photos: One photo that USA Cycling may use MUST be submitted to the USA Cycling Communications Department the evening of the competition’s conclusion, along with race highlights. This information will be used to send a press release to update the NRC rankings and recap the weekend of racing.
  2. Pre-event releases/race info: Submit pre-event press release/race information.
  3. TV/Broadcast Info: Submit any television/web broadcast info so we can help advertise.
  4. Social Media: Submit social media info including twitter handle and Facebook page link, link to USA Cycling, and participate in social media.

Twitter: @usacycling

For questions regarding photo submission or media relations, please contact USA Cycling communication manager Kevin Loughery at

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