Communique 5 from the Chief Referee, Randy Shafer

USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross National Championships 2010
Communique #5
Race Course:
The corner after the flyover has been changed due to high water. 
Tomorrow, the pits will be strictly monitored and controlled to assure space for all riders support staff.  Only working team personnel with equipment will be allowed.  Non-working staff will be asked to leave the area.  Failure to comply may result in the disqualification of their riders in the race.  See the pit official for pit passes.
There has been no feeding of any kind authorized during the championship races at this time.  Riders tempted to take feeds or enjoy an adult beverage while racing will be disqualified.
Please be courteous to the leading riders in your race by withdrawing when instructed by the officials. 
The following riders were disqualified for failing to follow the instructions of the officials. 1F5(c) (Lapped riders not leaving the course when directed to do so.)
#24      RYAN, Morgan, Major Motion Cycling Club
#238    ARMSTONG, Jay GS Casella/Look! Save a Life
#673    LUOMA, David, Guinness Cycling Team
Please wear all numbers in all events.  The shoulder numbers should be worn on the upper clavicles, so that when in a riding position, these numbers are visible from the front.
The Jury of Officials
Randy Shafer, Chief Official
11 December 2010

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