Communique 3 for Chief Referee, Randy Shafer

USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross National Championships 2010
Communique #3
Time Trial Course:
A set of barriers were placed on the course at the end of the day and will be part of the TT course for December 10th.
Course inspection is available after 11:50 AM for approximately 40 minutes, under the direction of the chief official at the site.
Race Course:
For the Junior Women 10-12 and 10-14 (first race of the day), the course is modified after pit 1.  The course will be shortened to remove the portion beyond the footbridge, along the Deschutes River, for course repairs.  This will remove only a single feature (high banked 180 degree turn).  This portion of the course will be returned to use for all other events.
A set of barriers will be installed tomorrow at the north end of the course, before the steep, off camber turn at the noon break.  These barriers will be in place for the rest of the competition.
Rider #503, STANDISH, Jeff, Therapeutic Association (USA Cycling 283779) is fined $35 for abusive language (4H 16a), at the time trial course.
There has been no feeding of any kind authorized during the championship races at this time.  Riders tempted to take feeds or enjoy an adult beverage while racing will be disqualified.
Please wear all numbers in all events.  The shoulder numbers should be worn on the upper clavicles, so that when in a riding position, these numbers are visible from the front.
The Jury of Officials
Randy Shafer, Chief Official
9 December 2010

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