Communique 1 from the Chief Referee, Randy Shafer

USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross National Championships 2010
Communique #1
The time trial course has been modified to remove several technical and slow sections to provide a time trial course more consistent with the racing conditions of the main championship course.  These changes include two new sections linking the existing course that are essentially roadways with no technical turns or features.  These changes remove the first climb and the upper plateau section.  Please see the attached map.
The course will be made available for inspection before 9 AM and in times available between TT Start Groups, up to 5 minutes before the next scheduled start time under the direction of the course officials.
Please wear all numbers in all events.  The shoulder numbers should be worn on the upper clavicles, so that when in a riding position, these numbers are visible from the front.
The Jury of Officials
Randy Shafer, Chief Official
7 December 2010

Time Trial Course Map (Revised)

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