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Mcgregor Bio

Steve McGregor, PhD Eastern Michigan University
Steve McGregor, PhD Eastern Michigan University
Stephen McGregor, Ph.D. is an innovator in the development of training concepts and software designed to maximize the benefits of running with a speed and distance device. Most notably, he created the normalized graded pace (NGP) algorithm and the run training stress score (rTSS).

Dr. McGregor is Associate Professor and Director of the Applied Physiology Laboratory at Eastern Michigan University and has published and presented numerous research papers examining muscle injury, nutritional supplements, performance modeling, and running physiology.  He is co-author, with Matt Fitzgerald, of the recent book from Human Kinetics titled “The Runner’s Edge”. He also serves as faculty for USA Cycling Science and Education, was a physiological advisor to US Olympic BMX team in 2008, and is physiological advisor to Eastern Michigan University Men’s Cross Country/Distance Track team.  In addition, he and serves as an advisor to numerous cyclist, triathletes and runners from age groupers to Olympians alike.

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