Montgomery, Alabama
November 11, 1969

“My drive and passion for cycling is what makes me a better person, cyclist, father, husband and person as a whole, regardless of my deafness.”

Why he rides:

Scott got into recreational mountain biking in 1996 as a 170-pound, pack-a-day smoker. After joining the Putney West Hill Shop club in Vermont, his newfound love of the sport paved the way for a healthier addiction – riding in the woods of New England. Weight loss and a competitive nature have kept him on two wheels for over a decade now.  
Why he races:
Scott finished almost dead last in his first mountain bike race in 1997. That didn’t stop him though. He went on to win many off-road events at the beginner and expert levels before making the switch to road cycling in 2001. His initial milestone in the sport was finishing his first category 5 road race in heavy rains and 50-degree temperatures in his hometown of Keene, New Hampsire. Now a category 1 racer, Scott rides for the Birmingham, Ala.-based regional team Cycling and is the 2008 Alabama State Cyclocross Champ in the 35+ division.

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