Lincoln, NE
August 2, 1969

"For the first time I felt like I had 'found my kind,' so to speak -- athletic nerds. Here were a bunch of people who pretty much all fussed about what they ate, tracked data, could suffer the elements and pain, and by and large, remain generally upbeat and positive people to be around. It was great. Moreover, the women I've met are wonderful. They're confident, determined do what they want to do kind of people. I've never felt so at home.”

Why she rides
Sydney was too intimidated to race her mountain bike when she first started riding it in her early 20’s. But as a runner, she had developed plantar fasciitis by her late 30’s and her podiatrist instructed her to stay off of her feet for a year. Remembering that old mountain bike that she kept in the garage, she decided she’d get her cardio in by commuting to work.
Why she races
Once Sydney had extended her commute to 20 miles each way, she wanted a new challenge. First, it was a week-long bike tour across Nebraska. Then, it was the 2006 Cornhusker State Games road race, and then the race that she considers her first milestone: the 2006 Gateway Cup in Saint Louis, where she finished 13th as a category three racer.

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