New junior gear restriction rule for 2007 takes effect immediately

Dear Junior Bike Racer,
Recently, a significant rule change with regards to junior gear restrictions was passed by the Board of Trustees and will take effect immediately for the 2007 racing season.  Since this rule change affects all junior cyclists such as yourself, I wanted to alert you of the change directly. 
Below is the new rule as it appears in the 2007 USA Cycling Rule Book.  Additional comments are noted below in italics.
Staff Comment: This is a significant change in policy. As of 2007, juniors must ride their junior gears in all races, including elite races. There is still only one gear limit on the road, but a junior rider competing in the category 3 elite men, for example, will have to ride his restricted gears.
1J6. Junior Gears. The maximum chaingear ratio for junior riders is based on age and discipline. Blocked gears will be allowed, except in National Championships. All tests for compliance (road and track) shall be done using the "roll-out method."
There is no restriction for cyclo-cross.
For road and track the limits are:

17-18: 7.93 meters (26’) (52x14)      
15-16: “                                                                   
13-14: “                                                                   
10-12: “                                                                 
17-18: Unrestricted
15-16: 6.78 meters (22'3") (48x15)
13-14: 6.36 meters (20'10.5") (48x16)
10-12: 6.00 meters (19’8”) (48x17)
The gear limit for a rider is determined by the age of the rider and the discipline, and applies in all events in that discipline – even when other entrants may not have the same (or any) limit.
Note that the gear ratios listed are merely suggestions – the distance rolled out is the governing standard.

For a comprehensive overview of junior gear restrictions, click here:
A complete guide to all of the new rules that were voted upon and passed is available on the USA Cycling website, or by clicking here:
I also strongly encourage you to download an electronic copy of the USA Cycling Rulebook by clicking here:
I wish you the best of luck and skill in 2007!
Yours in Cycling,
Steve Johnson

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