USA Cycling Certification Clinics

To become a USA Cycling licensed mechanic, you must attend a training and certification program conducted by the USA Cycling mechanic staff, in cooperation with the Mechanics Advisory Council.

A USA Cycling Certified Mechanics Clinic is the first step for many bike mechanics in their quest to become race mechanics. The clinic brings together speakers from different areas of the race community to instruct clinic participants on the skills needed to be a successful race mechanic.

Topics discussed in the clinic are varied, as are the requirements for mechanics. They include:

  • Caravan and motorcycle support

  • proper pit setup for road and mountain bike races

  • tool and equipment needs

  • race equipment preparation

  • track support

  • wheel components and building theory

  • wheel changes

  • bike wash techniques and reason for bike wash

  • working and professional relationships between the mechanic and the athlete, coach, and soigneur.

The clinic covers as much information as possible to allow the participants to successfully operate at races. Safety and professionalism are emphasized. Participants are encouraged to become licensed officials so they are familiar with the rules of the sport. They are also encouraged to become certified in first aid and CPR for their safety and the safety of the athletes. These are also part of the requirements for upgrade.

The clinic has many graduates that have gone on to work for teams all over the world. These mechanics came to the clinic with the conviction to be race mechanics. The clinic helped prepare them for what would be required for their work with teams and neutral support.

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