New Officials Information


Thank you for you interest in becoming a USA Cycling Official. We look forward to you joining our ranks. The following steps outline the requirements to successfully complete your application to become a new official:

1. Complete self study/in person seminar
2. Successfully pass an in-person or online test
3. Complete the USOC's SafeSport Training
4. Complete a Background Check through USAC's vendor
5. Submit a completed application, signed waivers and pay a fee.
(Explanations and links to these steps are shown below.)

Self Study/Seminar and Testing

The Category C seminar involves training in Road, Track, Cyclocross and Mountain Bike, as well as the basic organizational structure of cycling and principles of officiating. The class is taught in either a live classroom environment (suggested) or through an online self-study program.

At the end of both the in-person or online class, there is an open-book exam which will test your knowledge of basic rules and concepts. A passing score is 70%.

Note: to register for clinics, you must have an account with USA Cycling. If you don’t currently have an account you can create one here. This includes both in-person classes, if available, and the online Category C seminar. Once you have logged into your account and navigated to the clinics page, choose the link at the top of the page, "If you are a licensed official, click here to register for clinics." or  view available clinics using this link if you are currently logged in.


If taking the Category C class in person you will be provided with paperwork, including an application and waivers, that your instructor will send in to USA Cycling along with your payment.

If you are taking the the Category C-Online Class you will need to print and complete the application and releases found at this link.  Send the packet, along with your payment, to the address indicated on those forms.

The current fee for a first time official can be found in the Schedule of Fees, here. 

Background Check

All officials are required to submit to a US Olympic Committee (USOC) mandated background check, which is valid for two years. The average cost for the check, based on your location, is $25. In order to maintain USOC compliance, USA Cycling is not able to utilize any other company’s background check, including those of governmental agencies. The link to the background check may be found here.


The USOC also mandates that officials take a SafeSport seminar, which includes a short exam. This qualification is also valid for two years and is free. A FAQ regarding SafeSport may be found here and a link to the seminar is available here. After you have successfully completed the seminar and test, the USOC will update our records and we will update your account, usually within 1-2 working days.

Motorefs and Motor Vehicle Record Checks

Category C officials can become Motorefs with additional training. Motoref training  is a one-day, in person or live online seminar. Classes are taught periodically and are listed on the same clinic page as the Category C classes, when available. To be a Motoref, you must successfully complete the Motoref class and have a valid motorcycle operator's license/endorsement.

After successfully completing the separate Motor C class, Motorefs also need to complete a Motor Vehicle Record Check (MVR). This is valid for two years and the cost is $8.80. For information on how to submit, click this link.

If you have any issues or questions with the above information please feel free to contact Randy Shafer at

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