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Taco Time Volunteer Park Criterium

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      11:00am             Cat 5 Men                  Merchandise and Medals            25 minutes           11:25am
      11:35am             Cat 4/5 Women          Merchandise and Medals            30 minutes           12:05pm
      12:15am             Cat 4 Men                  Merchandise and Medals            30 minutes            12:45pm
      12:55am             Cat 1 - 5 Men 60+      Merchandise and Medals            35 minutes            1:30pm
       1:40pm              Cat 3 Men  35+          Cash and Medals                        40 minutes             2:20pm
       2:30pm              Cat 4/5 Men  35+       Merchandise and Medals            40 minutes             3:10pm
       3:20pm              Cat Pro/1/2 Women   Cash and Medals                        40 minutes             4:00pm
       4:10pm              Cat 3 Women            Cash and Medals                         40 minutes             4:50pm
       5:00pm              Cat 3 Men                  Cash and Medals                        50 minutes              5:50pm
       6:00pm              Cat Pro/1/2  Men       Cash and Medals                         60 minutes             7:00pm

Volunteer Park Criterium 50th Anniversary Medals will be awarded to the top five finishers in each race.
Gold - 1st place:  Silver - 2nd place:  Bronze - 3rd place:  Bronze - 4th place:  Bronze - 5th place.

Fees:   Registration before  May 31, 2017 is $35.00.  Registration after May 31, 2017 fee is $40.00. Initial Day of registration is  $45.00. Second Day of race registration is $25.00.  All fees include USAC insurance and Day of race fees also include the Seattle Parks and Recreation fee for in park sales.

Registration:  Pre-registration online at USACycling.org/events.  Additional race fee is $25.00.  Annual Liscense available for purchase at registration.  Day of registrations open at 10:00am and closes 10 minutes prior to race.    No credit or debit cards, check or cash only.  Make checks payable to Seattle Super Squadra Cycling Team.

Rules:  Race is held rain or shine.  No Refunds. Held under USA Cycing Permit # 2017-196.  2017 Liscense required.  Annual liscense available for purchase at registration.  One-day liscense available for Men’s Cat 5 and Women’s Cat 4 races.  Waivers must be signed at registration prior to each individual race except for pre-registration though USA Cycling.   

Points Competition:  Points will be awarded ten deep: 5,4,3,2,1,1,1,1,1,1.  In the event of a tie, the racer with the highest position in the previous race is awarded the points with the other racer moving one down on the points awards.  The Points leader will be called up at the beginning of each race in which he/she is a competitor to be acknowledged and start at the front of the peloton.  The leaders jersey will be awarded at the completion of the series to the racer having the most points in each category. 

Cash Prize List Taco Time Volunteer Park Criterium top three places with 50th Anniversary Memorial Medals awarded to the top five places.
Pro 1/2 M         $125  $90   $80 
Cat 3 M            $95    $85   $50 
Cat 3 M 35+     $95    $85   $50 
Pro 1/2/ W      $125    $90   $80 
Cat 3 W            $95    $85   $50 

All other Categories recieve Merchandise for the top three places with 50th Anniversary Memorial Medals awarded to the top five places.

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Taco Time Volunteer Park Criterium Registration
(Online registration closes at 10:00 pm MDT 6/9/17, early registration discount ends at 3:02 pm MDT 5/31/17)
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Time Discipline Gender Category Distance Prizes Places Fee
All Races
Sun 6/11/17
11:00 am Criterium Men Cat 5 25 Medals/Merchandise 5 $45 $35
11:00 am Criterium Men Collegiate C 25 Taco Time Cactus Cards 3 $45 $35
11:35 am Criterium Women Cat 4/5 30 Medals/Merchandise 5 $45 $35
11:35 am Criterium Women Collegiate B/C 30 Taco Time Cactus Cards 3 $45 $35
12:15 pm Criterium Men Cat 4 30 Medals/Merchandise 5 $45 $35
12:15 pm Criterium Men Collegiate B 30 Taco Time Cactus Cards 3 $45 $35
12:55 pm Criterium Men 60+ Cat 1/2/3/4/5 35 Medals/Merchandise 5 $45 $35
1:40 pm Criterium Men 35+ Cat 1/2/3 40 $230 3 $45 $35
2:30 pm Criterium Men 35+ Cat 4/5 40 Medals/Merchandise 5 $45 $35
3:20 pm Criterium Women Pro/Cat 1/2 40 $295 3 $45 $35
4:10 pm Criterium Women Cat 3 40 $230 3 $45 $35
4:10 pm Criterium Women Collegiate A 40 Taco Time Cactus Cards 3 $45 $35
5:00 pm Criterium Men Cat 3 50 $230 3 $45 $35
5:00 pm Criterium Men Collegiate A 50 Taco Time Cactus Cards 3 $45 $35
6:00 pm Criterium Men Pro/Cat 1/2 60 $295 3 $45 $35

This the "50 Anniversary Year" of the "Volunteer Park Criterium" sponsored by "Taco Time NW Restaurants" located throughout Western Washington.  Come on out and support bike racing in the Northwest.  There will be "Food Trucks" and a "Beer Garden" sponsored my "CounterBalance Brewery" plus live continuous bike racing throughout the afternoon and into the early evening. 
"Don't miss this celebration of what makes Seattle a great place to live"

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