Mechanic and soigneur training courses now offered by the UCI


In 2013, the UCI is expanding its educational program to include new training courses for soigneurs and mechanics.

The new courses are the latest from the World Cycling Centre’s education development strategy, which aims to provide high quality education to all areas of the sport. Following the introduction of the UCI Coach Development Programme and the Sport Director Course, the two new courses are designed to provide the best possible learning experience for those who aspire to be a professional soigneur or mechanic.

The fees for each course cover accommodation with full board in Aigle, Switzerland, course participation, teaching materials, health and accident insurance, travel to races with the World Cycling Centre team, and certification costs. Travel to and from the World Cycling Centre is not included in the cost.

To apply for either course or for more information, please contact the UCI Training and Development Department at

Soigneur Training Course

As modern cycling becomes ever more complex, with an increasing amount of sophisticated scientific knowledge being applied to training and racing, so the demands placed on the soigneur continue to grow. As such, this exciting new course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and practical skills to enable them to work in this dynamic and exciting area of the sport.

The extensive program will include:

  • Sport massage therapy
  • Recovery techniques
  • First aid
  • Nutrition and hydration for performance
  • Food preparation and hygiene
  • Anti-doping
  • Race-specific skills
  • Communication skills

The first of its kind, the Soigneur Training Course will be held at the World Cycling Centre on the following dates:

  • August 5 - September 27, 2013 (English language only)

The eight-week course will be delivered by two industry experts, Andrew Evans and Emma Wolstenholme.

Andrew has over 30 years of experience in cycling, having worked as a soigneur with professional teams and national squads in countless major events across the world. In addition to valuable practical experience, Andrew is also a qualified teacher and was a senior university lecturer. In addition to lecturing, Andrew led the creation of various university courses specializing in sports rehabilitation and sport therapy.

Emma has worked alongside Andrew in professional cycling teams and with elite sports people from a range of sports, providing her with a vast array of practical experience to add to her excellent theoretical knowledge. Emma has taught extensively across various rehabilitation and sport therapy courses.

Andrew and Emma’s extensive teaching and soigneur experience will provide students with the perfect opportunity to learn the theoretical knowledge and apply it practically to achieve optimal performance as a professional soigneur.

Places in this first course are limited, so interested parties are encouraged to contact the UCI’s Training and Development Department ( and submit a completed application form before the closing deadline of July 8, 2013.

Mechanic Training Course

The mechanic course is aimed at individuals who wish to pursue a professional career as a mechanic, either with a professional team or within a national federation, and will provide them with a complete background in the knowledge and practice required to work as a professional mechanic.

This extensive course will include:

  • Building road, track, mountain and BMX bikes
  • Maintenance and servicing of road, track, mountain and BMX bikes
  • Wheel building 
  • Position on the bike
  • Rules and regulations

In addition, all students will also gain vital experience at races, traveling with the World Cycling Centre team most weekends as an active team mechanic, under the expert guidance of the centre’s mechanics.

The eight-week program will be delivered by World Cycling Centre master mechanic Alex Roussel. Alex has over 30 years of professional experience as a cycling mechanic and has worked with professional teams and national federations across the sport of cycling, attending countless major events. In addition to Alex, students will work alongside the WCC mechanics and also have specific sessions with external experts.

Two course are offered in 2013:

  • Course 1: May 6 – June 28 (English / French language)
  • Course 2: August 5 – September 28 (English / French language)

Places on these courses are limited, so anyone interested is encouraged to contact the Training and Development Department ( and submit a completed application form before the closing deadline of April 8, 2013, for course 1, and July 8, 2013, for course 2.

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