Masters Track Nationals end Sunday with team competitions


Redmond, Wash. (August 24, 2014) –The 2014 USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships came to a close on Sunday as riders combined forces for the team pursuit, team sprint, and Madison competitions. In addition to the 14 national titles awarded, the Best-All-Around Teams were named. Those winning teams can be found here.  
Team Pursuits
The Odd Man Out foursome of Kurt Broadhag (Los Angeles, Calif.), Jonathan Davy (Torrance, Calif.), Kevin Phillips (Redondo Beach, Calif.), and Benjamin Sharp (Boulder, Colo.) posted a finishing time of 4:45.250 in the men's 35+ team pursuit to beat out the East Plains Mt Men team of Daniel Casper (Northfield, Minn.), Brian Haas (Chicago, Ill.), Gregory Pent (Boulder, Colo.), and Jason Meidhof (Ramona, Calif.).
The men's 45+ team pursuit was won by Team Sofa King riders David Brinton (Los Angeles, Calif.), Chris Carlson (Plano, Texas), Dean Peterson (Indianapolis, Ind.), and Curtis Tolson (Louisville, Ky.)They beat out the Many More Marymoor team of Vern Cole (Kent, Wash.), Timothy Hughes (Olympia, Wash.), Ronald Sielinski (Redmond, Wash.), and Thomas Wick (Seattle, Wash.).
In the men's 55+ team pursuit, James Host (Plainfield, Ill.) joined forces with Lawrence Nolan (Fremont, Calif.), Christopher Regan (Washington DC), and Mark Sommers (Washington DC) to make up Healed Up Host and beat out the Boulder Orthopedics Team of Shannon Fox (Englewood, Colo.), Paul Mack (Lafayette, Colo.), Barry Messmer (Fort Collins, Colo.), and Steven Worley (Boulder, Colo.).
The Beach Bums foursome of Gerald Agnew (Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.), Richard Lilleberg (Seattle, Wash.), Leo Pettus (Yorba Linda, Calif.), and Alan Wignall (Los Alamitos, Calif.) won the men's 65+ team pursuit with a 4:03.400 compared to the 4:21.395 clocked by California Dreamers' Richard Allen (San Mateo, Calif.), Jack Kelso (Pleasanton, Calif.), and John Petrakis (Sonoma, Calif.).
The first women's team pursuit was in the 35+ age group and it was the West Coast Women trio of Lana Atchley (Huntington Beach, Calif.), Beverly Chaney (Carmel, Calif.), and Jennifer Kalich (Aromas) to take the win. They bested the Pedal Pushers which was comprised of Danielle Cooper (West Hollywood, Calif.), Sarah Munoz (Redondo Beach, Calif.), and Elise Traylor (San Pedrosan Pedro, Calif.)
In the women's 45+ team pursuit, Jane Evely (Carnation, Wash.) joined Cynthia Maree (Seattle, Wash.) and Annette Williams (Kenmore, Wash.) to make up the Center Cycles-Starbucks team and to claim the national title ahead of Annabell Holland (Livermore, Calif.), MaryAnn Levenson (Menlo Park, Calif.), and Andi Smith (Menlo Park, Calif.) of the Fast Fourty Five.
Team Sprints
In the first team sprint of the day, the men's 35+, Brian Kesselman (Portland, Ore.), Stephen McLaughery (Portland, Ore.), and Kirk Whiteman (Portland, Ore.) teamed up to form Tempo Central and to outsprint the It's Raining Men trio of Mark Andersen (San Francisco, Calif.), Ethan Boyes (San Francisco, Calif.) and Kenneth Lo (San Francisco, Calif.).
In the men's 45+ team sprint, Patrick Larabee D.C. (Longmont, Colo.)  teamed up with fellow Colorado riders James Lawrence (Colorado Springs, Colo.) and Peter Lucke (Louisville, Colo.) to form Team L3 and to take the national title ahead of Team Dixie Flyer trio of David Broekema (San Francisco, Calif.), Timothy Montagne (Sunnyvale, Calif.), and Bobby Walthour IV (Carmel, Calif.).
Raymond Gildea (Emerald Hills, Calif.), Keith Macbeth (Santa Cruz, Calif.), and Lawrence Nolan (Fremont, Calif.) formed Vintage Uncorked and sprinted their way into Stars-and-Stripes jerseys ahead of second-place team Last Minute...Again which was comprised of William Byatt (Cedar Crest, NM) and James Host (Plainfield, Ill.).
In the men's 65+ team sprint, Stanley Gregg (Kirkland, Wash.) collaborated with Mark Rodamaker (Los Altos, Calif.) and Reid Schwartz (Chicago, Ill.) to form Gregg's and to take first place against runner-up team South By Paramount which included Richard Lilleberg (Seattle, Wash.), Leo Pettus (Yorba Linda, Calif.), and Alan Wignall (Los Alamitos, Calif.).
Cheryl Fuller-Muller (Cumming, Ga.) and Gea Johnson (Scottsdale, Ariz.) formed a formidable duo as Make It Good and they won the women's 35+ team sprint ahead of EPS/Riptide Evolution team of Gwen Afton (Reston, Va.) and Andrea Brennan (Manasquan, NJ).
In the women's 45+ event, the SJBC Dixie Chix duo of Annabell Holland (Livermore, Calif.) and Buffie Wuestewald (Sunnyvale, Calif.) outsprinted Center Cycles pair Jane Evely (Carnation, Wash.) and Annette Williams (Kenmore, Wash.).
In the men's 35+ Madison, Jonathan Davy (Torrance, Calif.) and Kevin Phillips (Redondo Beach, Calif.) formed Team Spy Fly. They scored 31 points to take the win ahead of second-place duo Peter Coulson (San Diego, Calif.) and Kevin Schiller (San Diego, Calif.) who formed CFC 35MAD and scored 28 points.
In the men's 45+ event, one of the most exciting races of the day, Chris Carlson (Plano, Texas) and Curtis Tolson (Louisville, Ky.) took the victory as Team Whatchahadgotdat. The pair won the final sprint to score 22 points to claim the top step of the podium ahead of the silver medal squad of Matthew Chambers (Ramona, Calif.) and David Klipper (Portland, Ore.) who combined forces as Team CFC 45.

And that's a wrap from Redmond. Can't get enough of Masters Track Nationals? Check out the  COMPLETE RESULTS

2014 USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships
Marymoor Velodrome – Redmond, Wash.
August 19-24, 2014

Men 35+ Team Pursuit

1.  Kurt Broadhag (Los Angeles, Calif.)  ODD MAN OUT  4:45.250
1.  Jonathan Davy (Torrance, Calif.)  ODD MAN OUT  4:45.250
1.  Kevin Phillips (Redondo Beach, Calif.)  ODD MAN OUT  4:45.250
1.  Benjamin Sharp (Boulder, Colo.)  ODD MAN OUT  4:45.250
2.  Jason Meidhof (Bethesda, Md.)  EAST PLAINS MT MEN  4:47.167
2.  Gregory Pent (Boulder, Colo.)  EAST PLAINS MT MEN  4:47.167
2.  Brian Haas (Chicago, Ill.)  EAST PLAINS MT MEN  4:47.167
2.  Daniel Casper (Northfield, Minn.)  EAST PLAINS MT MEN  4:47.167
3.  Kevin Schiller (San Diego, Calif.)  CHAMPION FACTORY  4:48.244
3.  Peter Coulson (San Diego , Calif.)  CHAMPION FACTORY  4:48.244
3.  David Klipper (Portland, Ore.)  CHAMPION FACTORY  4:48.244
3.  Matthew Chambers (Ramona, Calif.)  CHAMPION FACTORY  4:48.244

Men 45+ Team Pursuit

1.  David Brinton (Los Angeles, Calif.)  SOFA KING  4:50.977
1.  Chris Carlson (Plano, Texas)  SOFA KING  4:50.977
1.  Dean Peterson (Indianapolis, Ind.)  SOFA KING  4:50.977
1.  Curtis Tolson (Louisville, Ky.)  SOFA KING  4:50.977
2.  Thomas Wick (Seattle, Wash.)  MANY MORE MARYMOOR  4:56.508
2.  Ronald Sielinski (Redmond, Wash.)  MANY MORE MARYMOOR  4:56.508
2.  Timothy Hughes (Olympia, Wash.)  MANY MORE MARYMOOR  4:56.508
2.  Vern Cole (Kent, Wash.)  MANY MORE MARYMOOR  4:56.508
3.  Donald Langley (Morgan Hill, Calif.)  MORGAN STANLEY  5:01.215
3.  Dave Maminski (Campbell, Calif.)  MORGAN STANLEY  5:01.215
3.  Andrew Nevitt (Saratoga, Calif.)  MORGAN STANLEY  5:01.215
3.  Daniel Smith (Menlo Park, Calif.)  MORGAN STANLEY  5:01.215

Men 55+ Team Pursuit

1.  James Host (Plainfield, Ill.)  HEALED UP HOST  3:42.618
1.  Lawrence Nolan (Fremont, Calif.)  HEALED UP HOST  3:42.618
1.  Christopher Regan (Washington, D.C.)  HEALED UP HOST  3:42.618
1.  Mark Sommers (Washington, D.C.)  HEALED UP HOST  3:42.618
2.  Steven Worley (Boulder, Colo.)  BOULDER ORTHOPEDICS  3:45.823
2.  Barry Messmer (Fort Collins, Colo.)  BOULDER ORTHOPEDICS  3:45.823
2.  Paul Mack (Lafayette, Colo.)  BOULDER ORTHOPEDICS  3:45.823
2.  Shannon Fox (Englewood, Colo.)  BOULDER ORTHOPEDICS  3:45.823
3.  George Luft (Parkland, Fla.)  PAN-USA  3:51.135
3.  Lionel Space (Phoenix, Ariz.)  PAN-USA  3:51.135
3.  Scott Torkelson (Olympia, Wash.)  PAN-USA  3:51.135
3.  Gary Ziegler (Tulsa, Okla.)  PAN-USA  3:51.135

Men 65+ Team Pursuit

1.  Gerald Agnew (Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.)  BEACH BUMS  4:03.400
1.  Leo Pettus (Yorba Linda, Calif.)  BEACH BUMS  4:03.400
1.  Richard Lilleberg (SEATTLE)  BEACH BUMS  4:03.400
1.  Alan Wignall (Los Alamitos, Calif.)  BEACH BUMS  4:03.400
2.  John Petrakis (Sonoma, Calif.)  CALIFORNIA DREAMERS  4:21.395
2.  Richard Allen (San Mateo, Calif.)  CALIFORNIA DREAMERS  4:21.395
2.  Jack Kelso (Pleasanton, Calif.)  CALIFORNIA DREAMERS  4:21.395
3.  Marshall Gordon (Hendersonville, N.C.)  BLUE RIDGE RAIDERS  4:41.196
3.  David Ellefson (Banner Elk, N.C.)  BLUE RIDGE RAIDERS  4:41.196
3.  Geoffrey Brace (Columbus, N.C.)  BLUE RIDGE RAIDERS  4:41.196
3.  John Mikkonen (Etowah, N.C.)  BLUE RIDGE RAIDERS  4:41.196

Women 35+ Team Pursuit

1.  Jennifer Kalich (AROMAS)  WEST COAST WOMEN  4:07.289
1.  Lana Atchley (HUNTINGTON BEACH)  WEST COAST WOMEN  4:07.289
1.  Beverly Chaney (Carmel, Calif.)  WEST COAST WOMEN  4:07.289
2.  Elise Traylor (San Pedrosan Pedro, Calif.)  PEDAL PUSHERS  4:14.414
2.  Danielle Cooper (WEST HOLLYWOOD)  PEDAL PUSHERS  4:14.414
2.  Sarah Munoz (Redondo Beach, Calif.)  PEDAL PUSHERS  4:14.414
3.  Gwenn Afton (Reston, Va.)  EPS/EVOLUTION/SCARLE  4:19.695
3.  Andrea Brennan (Manasquan, N.J.)  EPS/EVOLUTION/SCARLE  4:19.695
3.  Jane Vanni-noone (Indianapolis, Ind.)  EPS/EVOLUTION/SCARLE  4:19.695

Women 45+ Team Pursuit

1.  Annette Williams (Kenmore, Wash.)  CENTER CYCLES/STARBU  4:11.174
1.  Cynthia Maree (Seattle, Wash.)  CENTER CYCLES/STARBU  4:11.174
1.  Jane Evely (Carnation, Wash.)  CENTER CYCLES/STARBU  4:11.174
2.  Maryann Levenson (Menlo Park, Calif.)  THE FAST FOURTY FIVE  4:15.340
2.  Andi Smith (Menlo Park, Calif.)  THE FAST FOURTY FIVE  4:15.340
2.  Annabell Holland (Livermore, Calif.)  THE FAST FOURTY FIVE  4:15.340
3.  Ruth Clemence (Newport Beach, Calif.)  SISTERS IN PURSUIT  4:18.084
3.  Jan Palchikoff (Los Angeles, Calif.)  SISTERS IN PURSUIT  4:18.084
3.  Mary Ellen Allen (San Mateo, Calif.)  SISTERS IN PURSUIT  4:18.084

Men 35+ Team Sprint

1.  Brian Kesselman (Portland, Ore.)  TEMPO CENTRAL  1:20.429
1.  Kirk Whiteman (Portland, Ore.)  TEMPO CENTRAL  1:20.429
1.  Stephen Mclaughry (Portland, Ore.)  TEMPO CENTRAL  1:20.429
2.  Ethan Boyes (SAN FRANCISCO)  IT'S RAINING MEN  1:21.250
2.  Mark Andersen (San Francisco, Calif.)  IT'S RAINING MEN  1:21.250
2.  Kenneth Lo (San Francisco, Calif.)  IT'S RAINING MEN  1:21.250
3.  Joe Baratto (Seattle, Wash.)  UNION BAY  1:23.172
3.  Mark Hinman (Seattle, Wash.)  UNION BAY  1:23.172
3.  Wesley Pierce (Seattle, Wash.)  UNION BAY  1:23.172

Men 45+ Team Sprint

1.  James Lawrence (Colorado Springs, Colo.)  L3  1:24.257
1.  Peter Lucke (Louisville, Colo.)  L3  1:24.257
1.  Patrick Larabee D.c. (Longmont, Colo.)  L3  1:24.257
2.  David Broekema (San Francisco, Calif.)  TEAM DIXIE FLYER  1:24.797
2.  Bobby Walthour Iv (Carmel, Calif.)  TEAM DIXIE FLYER  1:24.797
2.  Timothy Montagne (Sunnyvale, Calif.)  TEAM DIXIE FLYER  1:24.797
3.  Brian Haas (Chicago, Ill.)  CERIOUS PACT ST LOUI  1:25.476
3.  Tim Gaidis (St Louis, Mo.)  CERIOUS PACT ST LOUI  1:25.476
3.  Kevin Wayman (Saint Louis, Mo.)  CERIOUS PACT ST LOUI  1:25.476

Men 55+ Team Sprint

1.  Lawrence Nolan (Fremont, Calif.)  VINTAGE UNCORKED  1:24.373
1.  Keith Macbeth (Santa Cruz, Calif.)  VINTAGE UNCORKED  1:24.373
1.  Raymond Gildea (Emerald Hills, Calif.)  VINTAGE UNCORKED  1:24.373
2.  William Byatt (Cedar Crest, N.M.)  LAST MINUTE...AGAIN  1:27.610
2.  James Host (Plainfield, Ill.)  LAST MINUTE...AGAIN  1:27.610
3.  Kurt Sato (San Pedro, Calif.)  ZSS EXPRESS  1:27.949
3.  Lionel Space (Phoenix, Ariz.)  ZSS EXPRESS  1:27.949
3.  Bill Ziegler (ENCINITAS)  ZSS EXPRESS  1:27.949

Men 65+ Team Sprint

1.  Mark Rodamaker (Los Altos, Calif.)  GREGG'S  1:31.498
1.  Reid Schwartz (Chicago, Ill.)  GREGG'S  1:31.498
1.  Stanley Gregg (Kirkland, Wash.)  GREGG'S  1:31.498
2.  Leo Pettus (Yorba Linda, Calif.)  SOUTH BAY PARAMOUNT  1:33.762
2.  Alan Wignall (Los Alamitos, Calif.)  SOUTH BAY PARAMOUNT  1:33.762
2.  Richard Lilleberg (SEATTLE)  SOUTH BAY PARAMOUNT  1:33.762
3.  Gerald Agnew (Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.)  RUSTY IRON  1:36.329
3.  Jack Kelso (Pleasanton, Calif.)  RUSTY IRON  1:36.329
3.  Richard Allen (San Mateo, Calif.)  RUSTY IRON  1:36.329

Women 35+ Team Sprint

1.  Cheryl Fuller-muller (Cumming, Ga.)  MAKE IT GOOD  58.758
1.  Gea Johnson (Scottsdale, Ariz.)  MAKE IT GOOD  58.758
2.  Gwenn Afton (Reston, Va.)  EPS/RIPTIDE EVOLUTIO  1:04.277
2.  Andrea Brennan (Manasquan, N.J.)  EPS/RIPTIDE EVOLUTIO  1:04.277
3.  Alexandra Mckay (Seattle, Wash.)  SCCA/STARBUCKS CYCLI  1:04.739
3.  Cynthia Maree (Seattle, Wash.)  SCCA/STARBUCKS CYCLI  1:04.739

Women 45+ Team Sprint

1.  Annabell Holland (Livermore, Calif.)  THE SJBC DIXIE CHIX  1:01.069
1.  Buffie Wuestewald (Sunnyvale, Calif.)  THE SJBC DIXIE CHIX  1:01.069
2.  Jane Evely (Carnation, Wash.)  CENTER CYCLES  1:01.822
2.  Annette Williams (Kenmore, Wash.)  CENTER CYCLES  1:01.822
3.  Heidi Blackie (Seattle, Wash.)  BROADMARK CAPTIAL WS  1:07.186
3.  Tamara Stephas (Seattle, Wash.)  BROADMARK CAPTIAL WS  1:07.186

Men 35+ Madison

1.  Jonathan Davy (Torrance, Calif.)  SPY FLY  31
1.  Kevin Phillips (Redondo Beach, Calif.)  SPY FLY  31
2.  Peter Coulson (San Diego , Calif.)  CFC 35MAD  28
2.  Kevin Schiller (San Diego, Calif.)  CFC 35MAD  28
3.  Greg Mueller (South Bend, Ind.)  STAGES CYCLING  17
3.  Benjamin Sharp (Boulder, Colo.)  STAGES CYCLING  17

Men 45+ Madison

1.  Chris Carlson (Plano, Texas)  WHATCHAHADGOTDAT  22
1.  Curtis Tolson (Louisville, Ky.)  WHATCHAHADGOTDAT  22
2.  Matthew Chambers (Ramona, Calif.)  CFC 45  12
2.  David Klipper (Portland, Ore.)  CFC 45  12
3.  David Brinton (Los Angeles, Calif.)  SERIOUS METAL HED  19
3.  Daniel Casper (Northfield, Minn.)  SERIOUS METAL HED  19

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