Marian University dominates the 2014 Collegiate BMX National Championships


Desoto, Texas (April 5, 2014) -- Marian University dominated the 2014 USA Cycling Collegiate BMX National Championships at the Metroplex in Desoto, Texas this weekend to take the team omnium after its riders,  Justin Posey and Felicia Stancil won the men's and women's individual titles.
The collegiate event, held in conjunction with the USA BMX Super Nationals, was contested Friday night. After tornados threatened the area on Thursday, racers woke up to a cold and windy Friday. Though the wind died down by evening, collegiate racers duked it out for national titles in a cold venue.

"We knew we had quality across the board, but you never know what's going to happen. I'm proud of how the riders handled everything and we did well," said Marian's head coach Dean Peterson. "Lindenwood is doing really well. They brought the largest group of women which was really awesome to see, and Lindsey Wilson is clearly putting in a lot of work. I really wish more teams would start BMX programs. It is the best way to gain bike handling skills."


In the men's main, Justin Posey (Marian University) had an early lead to defend his title from 2013, but he had to battle a hard-charging Danny Caluag (Lindsey Wilson College), the winner of the 2012 collegiate championship. Posey successfully held him off and cruised in for the repeat victory. Here's a video of the men's main:


In the women's final event, Dominique Daniels (Grand Canyon University) had been dominant all night, but came off the track in the first straightaway and lost her chance at a third straight collegiate title. Felicia Stancil (Marian University) took the opportunity for the early lead and never looked back to cross the line for the national title. Here's a video of the women's main:

With Posey and Stancil winning the individual titles and six more of its riders making it on to the main events, Marian took the team omnium with 188 points. The school was followed in second and third by Lindsey Wilson College (156 points) and Fort Lewis College (128 points)  
2014 marked the third year that USA Cycling awarded national titles to collegiate athletes in the discipline of BMX.  For more information on the event, visit the event webpage or click on the links below.
2014 USA Cycling Collegiate BMX National Championships
USA BMX Super Nationals – Metroplex – Desoto, Texas
April 4-5, 2014
Team Omnium
1. Marian University (188 points)
2. Lindsey Wilson College (156)
3. Fort Lewis College (128)
4. Lindenwood University (114)
5. Colorado Mesa University (99)

Women's Main
1. Felicia Stancil (Marian University)
2. Kristen Bob (Marian University)
3. Madison Pitts (Lindenwood University)
4. Brittany Bates (Lindenwood University)
5. Shayona Glynn (Marian University)
6. Crystal Kalogris (Marian University)
7. Samantha Brown (Lindenwood University)
8. Dominique Daniels (Grand Canyon University)
Men's Main
1. Justin Posey (Marian University)
2. Daniel Caluag (Lindsey Wilson College)
3. Kristaps Vinters (Lindsey Wilson College)
4. Bryce Hocking (Marian University)
5. Cameron Lowery (Midwestern State University)
6. Alan Hudson (Mars Hill University)
7. Tyler Whitfield (Marian University)
8. Alec Nesbit (Lindsey Wilson College)

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