March 27, 2013 LA Call


When: Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Time: 10:45 Mountain Time
Attendees:   Bonnie Walker (TXBRA), Bruce Dunn (ABC), Dave Miller (PCA), Jim Allen (SCNCA), Mark Guthart (IBRA), Don Russell (MTBRA), Ron Garrett (OCA), Erik Anderson (WSBA), Loch Miwa (ICA), Lew Strader & Chris Merriam (MABRA), Jack McNeal (BRAO), Mark Ewers (MOBRA), Keith Creeden (FRCA), Darrell Webb (NCA), Steve Mathias (NMBRA), Dave Fowkes (ICA), Deb Schiff (NJBA), Bill Parsons (TBRA),  Jonathan Kinnick (TBRA), Diane Fortini (NEBRA),  Jim Patton (MABRA),  John Sammut (MBRA), Judy Rhyne (CCA), Jeff Poulin (NYSBRA), Keith Creeden (FBRA), Chris Smith (MCF), and Randy Legeai (LAMBRA).
Staff:  Andrea Spencer, Kristen Uhleman, Susan Diller, Jeffrey Hansen, Gordon Weldon, Randy Inglis, Jane Luke, George Heagerty, Stuart Lamp, Larry Martin, and Fred Blattspieler.
To listen to recorded call:  Dial - (605) 477-3099
Enter Access Code - 406418#, and enter # again for most recent call
If you were on the call, and I did not list your name, please let me know.
  1. Race Clean update – Fred Blattspieler
    1. Waiting for final contract to send to LAs, then you can sign and scan back, but we will need wet signature in the mail eventually
  1. Officials Clinics – How can USAC help?
    1. For Illinois, we sent targeted emails out to officials in the area
      1. Dave Fowkes: Only problem is that it only goes to officials with current license, no expired members
  1.  Update on the officials Category B Upgrade modules – Bonnie Walker
    1. Just had NTC meeting and officials summit- Road B modules in place to take officials from C to B- committee reviewing now before some major updates
    2. Track C>B modules started some time ago, still a work in progress; similar to road modules
    3. MTB modules are planned for C>A (no B in MTB), been in the works for a while, but shooting for middle of April for a plan to finish them and get them posted
    4. Dave: What about people who start old modules, will that transfer to new modules?
      1. Bonnie: Most work should transfer, can handle on case by case basis, but fewer requirements in the future so it should work out
  1. Open discussion
    1. Dave: After the Officials Summit, talking about online post-event reporting- what is feedback and how can we streamline?
      1. Bonnie: Frustration from us is that rider counts aren’t automatically added to the bottom for insurance, etc.
      2. Notifications would be nice, since email address is entered, used to get them…
      3. Gordon: two things with that- one is the switch to Amazon cloud servers, which might have something to do with it; also LAs complained that the emails were too much, so perhaps an opt-in feature for email notifications
      4. Dave: If RD has tagged CR for event, then does it automatically give the CR access to CR report? What if CR is RD’s buddy, etc?
      5. Bonnie: LA can override RD request, then just notify RD of the change
      6. Jim: I don’t see the benefit of any of this
      7. Dave: Helps officials outside our area that don’t know our protocol
      8. Bruce: With cell service we just process it on a phone or with a mobile hot spot
      9. Gordon: also helps our staff internally so we don’t have to enter numbers and we know when things were submitted- nothing is lost on a desk or in the mail- saves us resources

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