March 2014 Technical Director Update



March 2014 Technical Director Update


Yeah, about that superbowl…. So, moving along, the season is well upon us in many areas. We have had our first two ProXCT MTB races, and the NRC season starts in CA at the end of the month. From April on, those of us in the events department are just ships passing in the night. This will be a relatively short one.

2014 Rulebooks
The 2014 rulebook has been printed and we began shipping from our office and in bulk to all officials who had renewed by February 28th. If you have renewed and not gotten your rulebook by the next couple of weeks, let me know.

Track B Modules
The Track Modules for level B upgrades are done and are posted on our website under the officials page. For those of you who have done the road modules and now will be doing the track, the format is a little different. Instead of having a pre-test with each module, there is a single excel spreadsheet with all of the pre-test questions. It also keeps track of how you did and gives you a percent score at the end.

MTB A Modules
The MTB modules for advancing up to level A are also in their final stages of editing and should be posted by mid April. For those who would rather take the last level A upgrade course instead of the modules, there will be one in Albuquerque, NM April 4-6, taught by Don Russell. If interested, see our clinics page at the link below:

National Elite Commissaire Class
We just finished a grueling week of training for commissaires wishing to upgrade to the rank of National Commissaire. Twenty-four officials, including 5 Canadians took part in a clinic that was a combination of a USA Cycling National Commissaire course and the new UCI National Elite Commissaire course.

Right now we can congratulate Sallie Urffer (PA), John Allen (CA), and Heather Allen (CA) for upgrading to National Commissaire on track. We do not yet have results for the road portion of the class as they had to be sent to the UCI first for ratification. We will do the complete announcement next month and in a special web article.

Level A Road and Track Course
A level A upgrade course took place in Des Moines, IA from February 28 through March 2. Phil Miller (WA) and Bonnie Walker (TX) were the instructors for the three day affair. The following officials upgraded to level A:

Mark Manzella (MN) (added track to his road title)
Jeff Mertz (IA) (road)
Roger Cravey (AR) (road)
Marijn Braadbaart (MO) (road)
Bruce Pesch (IA) (road)
Wayne Lerch (DC) (road)
Darrell Webb (NE) (road)

Congratulations all!

Rule of the Month
March's Rule of the Month involves the concept of professional riders, and deals with rules 1D2, 1H9(l), and 1H9(m). You can check out the full blog entry at

Officials Assignment Tool Update
Today, March 14th, at noon we'll be running an update on the Officials Assignment Tool. We'll be adding some new features to the tool. Most notably we'll be adding a crew e-mail list download to the assigned CR for an event. If you experience any issues today, please let us know.

That is it for this one. Have a great spring.

Shawn Farrell
Technical Director




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