Juarez, Baum ride to solo titles at 2013 24-Hour MTB Nationals


Tinker Juarez crosses the finish line to take the win.
Tinker Juarez crosses the finish line to take the win. Photo: Brian Leddy

Gallup, N.M. (June 21, 2013) — This past weekend saw four national titles awarded at the 2013 USA Cycling 24-Hour Mountain Bike National Championships near Gallup, N.M. Mountain bike legend David “Tinker” Juarez (Whittier, Calif./ Sho-Air/Cannondale) added another 24-hour Stars-and-Stripes jersey to his closet after taking the solo men’s race, while Nina Baum (Albuquerque, N.M.) earned the top step of the podium in the women’s solo division.

Juarez finished 11 laps in 14:15:36, more than 25 minutes ahead of runner-up Jonathan Davis (Blackhawk, Colo.), who was part of the winning team in the mixed duo division in 2012. Hunter Keating (Gilbert, Ariz.) finished third after completing 10 laps. All of the top three solo women notched 10 laps, with Baum clocking in at 14:42:13, followed by Tracy Thelen (Colorado Springs, Colo.) at just under 30 minutes back and Rita Borelli (Morgan Hill, Calif.) at 15:17:47.

In the four-person team competitions, the NM All-Stars led the way in the open division with 13 laps in 14:38:48. They were followed by Light & Motion in second and Colavita SW USANA in third. It was a tight race in the coed junior team division, with Get Out! Juniors edging AZ Devo for the title after finishing 15 laps in 14:40:30, slightly less than seven minutes ahead of the 15 laps completed by AZ Devo. El Grupo Dos rounded out the podium with 14 laps in 14:13:39.

The race was suspended at 10:26 p.m. Saturday night on the advisement of the attending search and rescue team after heavy rains moved over the course and caused an overwhelming number of racer injuries including hypothermia and unsafe trail conditions. Only laps completed before that time were counted. After the weather improved, the race was restarted at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, and laps completed between then and 11 a.m. were added to those ridden in the first segment to reach a total lap count.

The weekend also included non-championships races as part of the 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest, along with family activities that made for an entertaining atmosphere for all involved. In all, the event saw more than 500 riders take to the trails in New Mexico’s Zuni Mountains. The USA Cycling 24-Hour Mountain Bike National Championships return to Gallup in 2014.


Nina Baum earned the win in the women's solo division
Nina Baum earned the win in the women's solo division. Photo: Brian Leddy

2013 USA Cycling 24-Hour Mountain Bike National Championships
June 15-16, 2013
Gallup, N.M.


Solo Men
1. David “Tinker” Juarez (Whittier, Calif./ Sho-Air/Cannondale) – 11 laps in 14:15:36
2. Jonathan Davis (Blackhawk, Colo.) – 11 laps in 14:41:14
3. Hunter Keating (Gilbert, Ariz.) – 10 laps in 13:47:33

Solo Women
1. Nina Baum (Albuquerque, N.M.) – 10 laps in 14:42:13
2. Tracy Thelen (Colorado Springs, Colo.) – 10 laps in 15:11:25
3. Rita Borelli (Morgan Hill, Calif.) – 10 laps in 15:17:47

4-Person Open Team
1. NM All-Stars – 13 laps in 14:38:48
    Zach Shriver
    Cameron Brenneman
    David Vaughn
    Michael McCalla
2. Light & Motion – 12 laps in 14:06:10
    Nathan Miller
    Benjamin Jones
    Dax Massey
    Will McDonald
3. Colavita SW USANA – 12 laps in 15:02:15
    Steve Koller
    James Rowan
    James Upshaw
    Keith Ashmore

4-Person Junior Co-Ed Team
1. Get Out! Juniors – 15 laps in 14:40:30
    Taylor Squillaci
    Ian Olivarez
    Hailey Fortin
    Kaden Murdock
2. AZ Devo – 15 laps in 14:47:21
    Cal Skilsky
    Sam Wilson
    Jared Samuelson
    Shea Lynn Chavez
3. El Grupo Dos – 14 laps in 14:13:39
    Keenan Duncan
    Nick Harris
    Leo O’Neill
    Cara O’Neill

24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest
Non-championship category winners

Solo Singlespeed: Bradley Berger – 9 laps in 14:03:56
Duo Co-ed: Eysenbach/Liebling (Santa Rosa, Calif.) – 10 laps in 13:55:57
    Derek Eysenbach
    Melissa Liebling
Duo Female: Tough Girl/SCOTT (Boulder, Colo.) – 10 laps in 15:01:57
    Heidi Godsil
    Kay Levesque
Duo Male: Skratch Labs (Boulder, Colo.) – 11 laps in 14:06:38
    Aaron Foster
    Jason Donald
Duo Singlespeed: Slow Spokes (Placerville, Colo.) – 10 laps in 13:41:54
    Chris Howe
    Noah Sheedy
4-person Female Team: GS Boulder/Studio One/Organic India (Superior, Colo.) – 10 laps in 14:30:25
    Jacqui Pesa
    Melissa Barker
    Deb Pulley
    Dana Shin
4-person Male Team: Great Divide Brewery – 11 laps in 14:26:10
    Andell Meier
    Parker Batt
    James Sullivan
    Charles Nowacki
4-person Singlespeed Team: ZiaGem (Albuquerque, N.M.) – 11 laps in 14:19:11
    Scott Spangler
    Chad Watson
    Alex Phipps
    Tony Gradillas
5-person Open Team: Inglorious Bastards (Fort Collins, Colo.) – 11 laps in 14:59:29
    Brian Lehfeldt
    Paul Nafziger
    Chris Ellmer
    Matt Fix
    Tiffany Lehfeldt
Corporate Team: Los Luniticos INC (Santa Fe, N.M.) – 10 laps in 16:19:01
    Tamira Jenlink
    John Caskey
    Eric Manske
    Brian Martinez
    Rob Fry
    Aimee Bevan
Enchantedland: The Thorpe Family (Goodyear, Ariz.) – 27 laps in 11:47:13
    Steve Thorpe
    Carrie Thorpe
    Dylan Thorpe
    Amanda Thorpe

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