January 2014 Technical Director Update



January 2014 Technical Director Update


Happy New Year everyone!

The year started off with a bang here in Colorado. First we had the highest attendance Cyclo-cross National Championships ever at the beautiful Valmont Bicycle Park in Boulder, followed shortly by the Denver Broncos winning their way to the Superbowl. So, it has already been a great year here.

2014 Rulebooks

The 2014 rulebook is printed and being sent out to those LA’s having early officials clinics. We will be sending them out to all renewing officials shortly too, so the sooner you renew, the better as it allows us to get your rulebook heading your way in our first mailing.

Upcoming and Archived Seminars
If you have not already, you should become familiar with the clinics page found at the link below:

All officiating clinics land there for your convenience. Included in the current list are web-based seminars such as,

  • SafeSport training that you have/had to do to renew your license
  • Archived webinar on the 2014 new rules
  • Archived webinar about collegiate cycling
  • Archived webinar about filling out the online post event forms
  • Archived webinar about concussions and their identification
  • Archived webinar about the role of a Cyclo-cross race secretary

In addition there are upcoming clinics that you may be interested in:

  • Lots of LA-based new officials clinics and rules update clinics
  • Motoref clinic being held in MD on March 1st
  • Level A MTB clinic being held in NM on April 4-6
  • Level A road and track clinic being held in IA on Feb 28 – March 2.

Also, and not on the clinics page yet, there will be a motoref clinic in Colorado Springs tentatively on March 15th and 16th. This will be a really good one as we will have two top instructors, Ed Daily and Carla Geyer. The first day will be a level C moto clinic and the second day will be a specialty course in caravan management. We will be filming this for posterity, so this will be your chance to be part of history.

2014 Assignments
We finished the first round of national-level officials assignments using our new assignment tool. This is managed via your online accounts with us, so once you login you have access to view races that are available to you and to see your assignments. So far we have finalized the National Technical Commission assignments for the following types of races:

  • National Championships
  • UCI Road races
  • NRC races
  • NCC races

The latter two are only partially assigned by the NTC with the rest being done by the local associations, so your LA should be working on that.

While we were tinkering with the assignment tool, we made several modifications. One of them is that we added an accept/decline function. Looking at most of the 47 races we assigned it shows that very few people have actually accepted their assignments. In some cases that is because the function was not there when you were initially assigned. Just so you get familiar with the system, please login to your account. From there, go to your messages. You may find several messages that tell you that you have been assigned to a particular race. It then may tell you that you need to accept the assignment or decline it. To accept, you will click on the word, “accept” in that message. Right now the system is all color coded so that the assigners know the status. If your name appears in red, then it tells us that you are not licensed or that you declined the assignment. If your name is in yellow, then you have renewed your license, but something else is amiss, such as not having done your bbackground check or SafeSport, or that you have not accepted or declined. If your name is in green, then we know you have accepted and your license is all good. It really makes it easy for the administrators to know that the race crew is solid.

We just today posted the next set of races that are available for you to apply for. These include the following:

  • UCI MTB races (which are also ProXCT races)
  • ProGRT races
  • UCI Track races

That will do it for National-Level assignments until later in the summer when we start working on Cyclo-cross.

Track B Modules
The long awaited modules for upgrading to level B on the track are in their final editing stage and should be posted on our site by the end of next week.

Rule of the Month
This month's Rule of the Month deals with rule 1A3(c), AKA one-day licenses. You can check out the full blog entry at http://www.usacycling.org/blog/usa-cycling-officials/january-2014-rule-of-the-month.htm

That is about it for this one. Welcome to the 2014 season.

Shawn Farrell
Technical Director





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