Information on the Waived License Fee for Club Officials


Club Official FAQs

Yes, however they cannot be the club official and club race director for the same event.
Yes, they just need to be assigned to that event by the local association.
Official’s licenses are issued on a calendar year basis beginning in December of the year prior and will expire at the end of the year (ex: 2016 are issued beginning in December 2015 and licenses expire December 31, 2016).
Having a club official can save you money on officials’ fees for events hosted by your club. It also gives you a member of your club that is knowledgeable on the rules and regulations surrounding bicycle racing.

Club Official Management

To add someone as a club official you need to make sure that you are listed as a club contact in the club’s account. If you’re not listed as a club contact, either an existing club contact or your region’s Member Services Coordinator can add you in. Once you’re a club contact you can access the club through your personal My USA Cycling account. On your account home page, there will be a "Tools" tab and after you have selected that, you will see a link that says “Manage USA Cycling Clubs”. Click on the link and you will be taken to the club page. Once there you will see a section titled Club Officials. You can then add an official. 
Only first year officials that are attached to a club can qualify for the waived license fee. Each club will only receive one official’s license.

Club Official Requirements

USOC mandated criminal background check
The criminal background check cost is $24 on average (CBC fee is not waived)
USOC mandated SafeSport taining
A roughly 30 minute training regarding the safety of sports for youth participants
Purchase of official’s shirt and other items as needed
Attendance of an in person (preferred) or online official’s clinic
Once you have been listed you will need to complete the following tasks
  1. Complete Online SafeSport training
  2. Complete a Criminal Background Check (CBC)
  3. Submit the media grant, code of conduct and liability waiver to
  4. Reach out to your local association in regards to an in person officials training clinic
    1. An online class may also be offered in the event of extenuating circumstances
  5. As part of the officials training clinic you will submit an official’s license application including the media grant, code of conduct and liability waiver. Please note on this application that you are a club official. 

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