First six titles decided at Mountain Bike Nationals


(July 15, 2015) – The five-day 2015 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships kicked off on Wednesday in Mammoth Mountain, Calif., with the first six Stars-and-Stripes jerseys awarded and 24 Category 2 and 3 gold medals settled.
The last race of the day was the most entertaining, with a large field of super-fast Junior 15-18 Cat 1s taking to the Short Track starting line.
Forty-six seconds until the start of the men's Category 1 15-18 short track cross-country race, where Carson Benjamin took the win. (photo by Philip Beckman/

Short track cross-country highlighted the first day of competition at the central California ski resort, as men’s and women’s junior and Category 1 divisions ages 9 and up battled for national titles.
 Finishing in nine laps, Jamey Yanik (Boise, Idaho) took the men’s Category 1 30+ short track cross-country national championship, followed by Justin Thomas (Reno, Nev./Reno Wheelmen) for silver and Brandon Gritters (Mission Viejo, Calif./Blackstar Racing) for bronze.
The men’s Category 1 19-29 short track cross-country win went to Nicholas Beechan (Idyllwild, Calif.), crossing first in 10 laps ahead of second-place finisher Cormac Mcgeough (Carbondale, Colo.) and third-place finisher Liam McDonnell (Dillon, Colo.).
Jane Kerner (Orange, Calif./Rock N’ Road Cyclery) took the top step of the women’s Category 1 17+ short track cross-country podium with a nine-lap win, pacing Ksenia Lepikhina (Boulder, Colo.) and Tiziana DeHorney (Albuquerque, N.M./Laughing Dog Team). Also finishing in nine laps, Carson Benjamin (San Rafael, Calif./Bear Development Team) donned the men’s Category 1 15-18 short track cross-country Stars-and-Stripes jersey and was joined by Bradyn Lange (Austin, Texas/787 Racing) and Jonathan Legge (Newbury Park, Calif./Team Ojio Sport-NP Bikes-Cannondale) in the top three.
Carson Benjamin (San Rafael, Calif./Bear Development Team) paced Bradyn Lange (Austin, Texas/787 Racing) and Jonathan Legge (Newbury Park, Calif./Team Ojio Sport-NP Bikes-Cannondale) to claim the men’s Category 1 15-18 short track division, while Nolan Jenkins (Colorado Springs, Colo./Front Rangers Junior Cycling) claimed gold ahead of Quinn Simmons (Durango, Colo./Grewal Development) and Nolan Stephenson (Broomfield, Colo./Boulder Junior Cycling) in the five-lap junior men’s 9-14 race. Katie Clouse (Park City, Utah) sewed up the junior women’s 9-16 short track cross-country title in four laps, setting the standard in the 25-person division. Madeline Robbins (Durango, Colo./Durango Devo) took silver and Megan Jastrab (Apple Valley, Calif./Southern California Velo) claimed bronze.
Also in action were 24 men’s and women’s Category 2 and 3 cross-country competitions with age divisions ranging from 15-54. For full Category 2 and 3 cross-country results, click here.
Thursday will crown 14 more national champions in men’s and women’s cross-country divisions between ages 6-22, and downhill action kicks off with 14 men’s and women’s Category 2 and 3 divisions.
For a complete scheduleresults, course maps and photo galleries, please visit the event web site. If you can’t make it out for the event, follow all of the action on Twitter using the hashtag #MTBNats.
2015 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships
Mammoth Mountain Ski Area
Mammoth Mountain, Calif.
July 15-19, 2015

Women 01 17+

1.  Jane Kerner (Orange, Calif.)   Rock N' Road Cyclery    
2.  Ksenia Lepikhina (Boulder, Colo.)       
3.  Tiziana Dehorney (Albuquerque, N.M.)   Laughing Dog Team    
4.  Rachel Anders (Sandy, Utah)   Summit -Competitive Cyclist    
5.  Porsha Stockton (Allen, Texas)   Cadence Cyclery    

Women Junior 9-16

1.  Katie Clouse (Park City, Utah)       
2.  Madeline Robbins (Durango, Colo.)   Durango Devo    
3.  Megan Jastrab (Apple Valley, Calif.)   Southern California Velo    
4.  Ezra Smith (Breckenridge, Colo.)       
5.  Turner Ramsay (Rutland, Vt.)   KMS Cycling-Killington Mountain School    

Men Junior 9-14

1.  Nolan Jenkins (Colorado Springs, Colo.)   Front Rangers Junior Cycling    
2.  Quinn Simmons (DURANGO)   Grewal Development    
3.  Nolan Stephenson (Broomfield, Colo.)   Boulder Junior Cycling    
4.  Gianni Lamperti (Sebastopol, Calif.)   Team Swift    
5.  Dillon Mcneill (Bellevue, Neb.)   Midwest Cycling Community NE    

Men 01 Senior 19-29

1.  Nicholas Beechan (Idyllwild, Calif.)       
2.  Cormac Mcgeough (Carbondale, Colo.)       
3.  Liam Mcdonnell (DILLON)       
4.  Brian Scarbrough (Lakeside, Calif.)       
5.  Cody Jutovsky (PALM DESERT)       

Men 01 Junior 15-18

1.  Carson Benjamin (San Rafael, Calif.)   Bear Development Team    
2.  Bradyn Lange (Austin, Texas)   787 Racing    
3.  Jonathan Legge (NEWBURY PARK)   Team Ojio Sport - NP Bikes - Cannondale    
4.  Tofor Lewis (El Dorado Hills, Calif.)   Folsom Bike    
5.  Scott Funston (Black Diamond, Wash.)   Rad Racing NW    

Men 01 Master 30+

1.  Jamey Yanik (Boise, Idaho)       
2.  Justin Thomas (Reno, Nev.)   Reno Wheelmen    
3.  Brandon Gritters (Mission Viejo, Calif.)   Blackstar Racing    
4.  Ryan Fedorow (Orange, Calif.)       
5.  Marco Arocha (Thousand Oaks, Calif.)   Breakaway from Cancer Masters    

Women 02 Junior 15-18

1.  Ellen Campbell (Durango, Colo.)   Durango Devo   1:39:23.6 
2.  Ellise Shuman (Sandy, Utah)   Summit -Competitive Cyclist   1:39:24.6 
3.  Kathryn Lawrence (Boulder, Colo.)   Boulder Junior Cycling   1:40:08.6 
4.  Aubrey Milner (Reno, Nev.)   Reno Wheelmen   1:40:33.5 
5.  Lillie Bahrami (Boulder, Colo.)   Boulder Junior Cycling   1:41:29.7 

Men 02 Junior 15-18

1.  Dylan Syben (Tahoe City, Calif.)      1:16:10.3 
2.  Cameron Joye (Temecula, Calif.)      1:17:43.1 
3.  Mikael Rodgers (Ladera Ranch, Calif.)   Team Velosport-CA   1:18:28.4 
4.  Alex Campbell (Lakewood, Colo.)      1:18:45.2 
5.  Turner Conway (Yucaipa, Calif.)      1:19:32.3 

Women 03 Junior 15-18

1.  Grace Green (Boise, Idaho)   BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Squad)   1:49:27.3 
2.  Stella Sisneros (Vacaville, Calif.)   Monticello Cycling Club   1:49:28.0 
3.  Maya Zarlingo (Durango, Colo.)      1:54:18.9 
4.  Page Bitz (BOISE)   BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Squad)   1:55:58.5 
5.  Sophie Scothern (Ogden, Utah)   Roosters/Bikers Edge-UT   1:57:23.3 

Men 03 Junior 15-18

1.  Danner Hillman (Gardnerviile, Nev.)   Alta Alpina Cycling Club   1:21:36.0 
2.  Isaiah Chass (SEBASTOPOL)   Team Swift   1:25:51.4 
3.  Russell Greene (Boulder, Colo.)   Boulder Junior Cycling   1:30:48.4 
4.  Austin Munroe (Durango, Colo.)   Durango Devo   1:31:18.1 
5.  Ryan Jastrab (Apple Valley, Calif.)   Southern California Velo   1:31:23.0 

Men 03 Senior 19-24

1.  Eric Conyers (Casper, Wyo.)      1:29:47.4 
2.  Nicholas Olson (Houston, Texas)   Planetary Cycles Racing Team   1:55:52.0 

Women 02 Senior 25-29

1.  Katie Araujo (San Marcos, Calif.)   Alternabike/Velo Hangar   1:36:21.0 

Men 02 Senior 25-29

1.  Bart Flynn (JACKSON)   Hoback Sports   1:18:09.2 
2.  George Flynn (Jackson, Wyo.)   Hoback Sports   1:18:14.8 
3.  Matthew Gulden (Simi Valley, Calif.)      1:23:20.5 
4.  Daniel Hoeppner (SAN RAMON CA)   A Bloc Racing   1:27:54.2 
5.  Darryl Mcclanahan (Santa Barbara, Calif.)   Polli Veloce   1:28:34.5 

Men 03 Senior 25-29

1.  Kenneth Tsuda (San Jose, Calif.)      1:32:11.3 
2.  Julio David Vega (Loma Linda, Calif.)      1:36:21.8 
3.  Brian Sullivan (Fountain Hills, Ariz.)   McDowell Mountain Cycles   1:42:38.1 
4.  Brian Gallian (Chandler, Ariz.)      1:54:40.0 

Men 02 Master 30-34

1.  Michael Russell (Rancho Mission Viejo, Calif.)   Tru Cycling   1:33:04.0 
2.  Christopher Leedy (Austin, Texas)      1:36:31.4 

Women 03 Master 30-34

1.  Jessica Mazaitis (Mammoth Lakes, Calif.)      1:32:24.2 
2.  Shiona Eisenhauer (WOODSTOCK)      2:35:15.0 

Men 03 Master 30-34

1.  David Hernandez (Glendora, Calif.)      1:31:19.8 

Women 02 Master 35-39

1.  Nike Matanza (San Diego, Calif.)      1:44:04.9 

Men 02 Master 35-39

1.  Justin Dillon (Laguna Niguel, Calif.)   G2 Bike   1:24:16.1 
2.  Marcus Weigle (San Diego, Calif.)   Zumwalts's Bicycle Center   1:24:30.1 
3.  Reno Karimian (Sylmar, Calif.)      1:28:05.8 
4.  Felipe Cantero Gutierrez (Arvada, Colo.)   Natural Grocers Cycling Team   1:28:48.1 
5.  Brad Bitz (Boise, Idaho)   Broken Spoke Cycling   1:31:01.7 

Women 03 Master 35-39

1.  Gina Flanagan (Valencia, Calif.)      2:01:38.3 
2.  Crystal Reber (Grass Valley, Calif.)   Victory Velo Racing   2:01:38.8 
3.  Geovanna Meyer (Round Rock, Texas)      2:10:12.9 

Men 03 Master 35-39

1.  Steve Ohrmund (San Diego, Calif.)      1:28:06.7 
2.  Mark Yakushev (San Jose, Calif.)      1:44:09.8 

Men 02 Master 40-44

1.  Brian Johnson (BEAUMONT)   Dons Bikes   1:22:52.3 
2.  Bryant Likes (Simi Valley, Calif.)      1:25:06.6 
3.  Joe Pirelli (Kirkland, Wash.)      1:26:10.1 
4.  Brian Wallace (Reno, Nev.)   Velo Reno P/B Western Lithium   1:26:30.0 
5.  Robert Donovan (LOS ANGELES)   Helens Cycles   1:28:51.8 

Women 03 Master 40-44

1.  Sara Wheeler (Tarzana, Calif.)      1:56:21.1 
2.  Janis Burns (Westlake Village, Calif.)   STONEHAUS/FACTORY TREK   3:06:53.9 

Men 03 Master 40-44

1.  Nick Holmes (Santa Cruz, Calif.)      1:51:58.9 

Women 02 Master 45-49

1.  Charlayne Barger (Chandler, Ariz.)      1:52:15.9 

Men 02 Master 45-49

1.  Phillip Smith (El Dorado Hills, Calif.) (CA)   1:24:07.6 
2.  Scot Harvey (Glendora, Calif.)   Impact Racing Team   1:26:04.1 
3.  Kc Mares (RENO NV)   Reno Wheelmen   1:26:18.6 
4.  John Meissner (Hidden Hills, Calif.)      1:28:59.6 
5.  Michael Nasco (Costa Mesa, Calif.)      1:31:36.5 

Women 03 Master 45-49

1.  Ingrid Braun (Mammoth Lakes, Calif.)   Eastside Velo   2:02:59.0 
2.  Isabelle Thompson (La Canada Flintridge, Calif.)      2:12:34.2 
3.  Linda Meissner (Hidden Hills, Calif.)      2:30:44.0 
4.  Catherine Gardella (Reno, Nev.)      2:46:59.9 

Men 03 Master 45-49

1.  Todd Roach (Discovery Bay, Calif.)   Lamorinda Cycling Club   1:36:16.2 
2.  Michael Ryan (Big Bend National Park, Texas)      1:39:18.1 
3.  Brian Wilson (Los Angeles, Calif.)      1:40:28.5 
4.  Greg Flanagan (Valencia, Calif.)      1:45:00.6 
5.  Matt Bunn (Berkeley, Calif.)      1:47:09.5 

Men 02 Master 50-54

1.  Harold Stephenson (Broomfield, Colo.)   Rally Sport Cycling Team   1:25:35.7 
2.  Glenn Francisco (Louisville, Ky.)   Better Cycling of Louisville   1:26:13.4 
3.  Robb Mesecher (Stevenson Ranch, Calif.)      1:29:35.4 
4.  Lee Crane (CARLSBAD)   Swami's Cycling Club   1:30:49.4 
5.  Eric Gier (Fullerton, Calif.)   Team Velocity   1:31:51.8 

Men 03 Master 50-54

1.  Steven Swick (PEARBLOSSOM)      1:35:03.8 
2.  James Streeter (Tucson, Ariz.)      1:36:24.2 
3.  Chino Almenara (Newbury Park, Calif.)      1:45:10.5 

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