First 15 road race titles claimed in Ogden


(Sept. 10, 2015) – Fifteen road race national champions were crowned on Thursday, as the 2015 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships continued at Snowbasin Resort outside of Ogden, Utah.
The men’s 65-69 race came down to a sprint finish with Josef Lemire (r) edging David Hixson (l).
The men’s 65-69 race came down to a sprint finish with Josef Lemire (r) edging David Hixson (l). (photo by Phil Beckman/

Highlighting the day’s action were eight road race champions who added a second 2015 Stars-and-Stripes jerseys of the week to their collections, as Melinda Berge (Tucson, Ariz./Summit Velo), David Burnett (Norwich, Conn.), Donna Ingle (Las Vegas, Nev.), Josef Lemire (San Francisco, Calif./ThirstyBear p/b Akamai), William Meyers (Golden, Colo./Schwab Cycles Racing Team) and Anne Valta (Santa Clara, Calif./ThirstyBear p/b Akamai) followed up their individual time trial wins from the previous day with respective road race wins.
Mixed 70+ tandem time trial champions Irina Axelrod-Angres (Reno, Nev.) and Rich Staley (Reno, Nev.) and mixed 90+ tandem time trial winners Gwen Inglis (Lakewood, Colo./Stages Cycling) and Michael Inglis (Lakewood, Colo./NINOX Racing Team) also followed up yesterday’s wins with tandem road race victories in the same divisions.
“We were together (with the group) that whole climb until that 1km to go, and that’s when we started attacking,” Michael Inglis said. “We finally got a gap. When you get to the 200 meters to go and you’ve got a 100-meter gap, that’s when you’re like, ‘OK, we’re going to get this.'"
“I kept looking back to watch the gap, and it was slowly growing,” Gwen Inglis added. “We really couldn’t relax until the end.”
The remaining road race divisions compete Friday at Snowbasin Resort, as the men’s 70+, 90+, 110+ and mixed 110+ tandem divisions will open competition, followed by women’s 35-44 and men’s 35-49 divisions.
For more details on this event, including a complete scheduleresults, course maps and photo galleries, please visit the event site. If you can’t make it out for the event, follow all of the action on Twitter using the hashtag #RoadNats.
2015 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships
Ogden, Utah

Sept. 9-12, 2015

Women Master 45-49

1.  Anne Valta (SANTA CLARA)   ThirstyBear p/b Akamai   2:31:04 
2.  Nina Donohue (Boulder, Colo.)   50x15 Cycling   2:31:32 
3.  Kimberly Pettit (Tulsa, Okla.)   Soundpony Triad Bank   2:32:23 
4.  Angela Des Cognets (Golden, Colo.) Cycling Team   2:32:29 
5.  Christy Orris (BOULDER)   Boulder Orthopedics   2:32:41 

Women Master 60-64

1.  Donna Ingle (Las Vegas , Nev.)      2:20:17 
2.  Laura Lindgren (Long Beach, Calif.)   Sisterhood of Cycling   2:21:36 
3.  Martha Stedman (Tucson, Ariz.)   Southwest Hand Cycling Team   2:22:29 
4.  Kristine Johnson (Larkspur, Colo.)   DNA Cycling Masters   2:24:21 
5.  Elizabeth Tyrell (Annandale, N.J.)   Somerset Wheelmen   2:25:07 

Women Master 65-69

1.  Donna Bertiger (Altadena, Calif.)   Sisterhood of Cycling   2:26:13 
2.  Martha Iverson (Durango, Colo.)   DNA Cycling Masters   2:34:59 

Women Master 70-74

1.  Melinda Berge (Tucson, Ariz.)   Summit Velo   2:39:15 
2.  Dee Samuels (NEVADA CITY CA)   ol' Republic/ SHO-AIR   3:46:44 

Women Master 50-54

1.  Alison Frye (Salt Lake City, Utah)   Ski Utah|Plan 7   2:20:24 
2.  Barb Lotze (Littleton, Colo.)   Primal Audi Denver Womens Racing Team   2:21:38 
3.  Jodie Bolt (Lakewood, Wash.)   Reliant Recovery Water p/b Old Town Bicycle   2:22:25 
4.  Lise Grace (Bellingham, Wash.)   Bikesale / VOLKL   2:22:35 
5.  Trish Heisdorffer (Westminster, Colo.)   Thump Cycling p/b Turin   2:23:58 

Women Master 55-59

1.  Lynne Anderson ( Saint Louis, Mo.)   Velo Force   2:17:13 
2.  Sheryl Loan (Eagle River, Alaska)      2:18:57 
3.  Michelle Faurot (Reno, Nev.)   Bike Like a Girl   2:22:36 
4.  Kimberly Nelson (Decatur, Ga.)   Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportswear   2:23:49 
5.  Sarah Barber (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)   New Pioneer Food Co-op   2:24:00 

Men Master 65-69

1.  Josef Lemire (San Francisco, Calif.)   ThirstyBear p/b Akamai   2:14:34 
2.  David Hixson (Knoxville, Tenn.)   Provision PEAK Performance Team p/b Visit Knoxville   2:14:37 
3.  John Howard (Encinitas, Calif.)      2:15:37 
4.  Philip Holman (Tucson, Ariz.)   Southwest Hand Cycling Team   2:16:08 
5.  Barry Messmer (Fort Collins, Colo.)   Boulder Orthopedics   2:16:08 

Men Master 70-74

1.  David Burnett (Norwich, Comm.)      2:19:16 
2.  John Haney (Park City, Utah)      2:19:46 
3.  S Durward Higgins (Chattanooga, Tenn.)   Village Volkswagen Cycling Team   2:20:56 
4.  Gerd Leopoldt (GRAND JUNCTION)   LTR Multisport   2:22:24 
5.  Michael Phelps (Angels Camp, Calif.)   VOS Racing   2:22:28 

Men Master 75-79

1.  William Meyers (Golden, Colo.)   Schwab Cycles Racing Team   2:24:30 
2.  Scott Tucker (Golden, Colo.)   Schwab Cycles Racing Team   2:25:45 
3.  Stan Swallow (American Fork, Utah)      2:26:22 
4.  Frans Berghoff (Orem, Utah)      2:30:52 
5.  Robert Paganini (Los Angeles, Calif.)   PAA/Empire Bikes   2:34:03 

Men Master 80-84

1.  Frederic Schmid (Waco, Texas)   Bear Mountain Wolfpack   2:36:58 
2.  Walter Axthelm (Durango, Colo.)   Durango Wheel Club   3:15:44 

Men Master 55-59

1.  Mark Schaefer (Ogden, Utah)   MADDOG Racing p/b Microseal/Gq6   1:58:17 
2.  Mark Zimbelman (Provo, Utah)   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS   1:58:25 
3.  Max Thompson (San Anselmo, Calif.)   ThirstyBear p/b Akamai   1:58:59 
4.  Kerry Farrell (FEDERAL WAY)   Wheelsport Cycling Team   1:59:38 
5.  David Gordon (Olympia, Wash.)   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates   1:59:48 

Men Master 60-64

1.  Steven Archer (Danville, Calif.)   Morgan Stanley Cycling Team   2:06:32 
2.  David Zimbelman (The Dalles, Ore.)   LANDSHARK   2:06:33 
3.  Richard Mull (Malibu, Calif.)   Michelob Ultra - La Grange +21   2:06:37 
4.  Wayne Watson (Denver, Colo.)   Natural Grocers Cycling Team   2:07:16 
5.  George Smith (Menlo Park, Calif.)   The 99%ers   2:07:22 

Men 1/2/3 Master 50-54

1.  Craig Roemer (Petaluma, Calif.)   Team Specialized/Touchstone Racing   1:54:36 
2.  Christian Walker (Goleta, Calif.)   Velo Pasadena Team   1:54:43 
3.  Jeffrey Konsmo (Manhattan Bch, Calif.)   Hot Wheels Factory Team   1:55:14 
4.  Brendan Sullivan (Atlanta, Ga.)   Lupus Racing Team   1:55:15 
5.  Kevin Metcalfe (Pleasant Hill, Calif.)   Chronos Racing p/b Easton Cycling   1:55:37 

Mixed Tandem Master 70+

1.  Irina Axelrod Angres (Reno, Nev.)      2:15:36 
1.  Rich Staley (RENO)      2:15:36 

Mixed Tandem Master 90+

1.  Michael Inglis (Lakewood, Colo.)   NINOX Racing Team   2:03:03 
1.  Gwen Inglis (Lakewood, Colo.)   Stages Cycling   2:03:03 
2.  Helene Carabin (Nichols Hills, Okla.)   Tulsa Tough Racing pb ICEdot   2:03:29 
2.  Gil Summy (Nichols Hills, Okla.)   Oklahoma City Velo Club   2:03:29 
3.  John Slawta (Talent, Ore.)   LANDSHARK   2:05:35 
3.  Jennifer Slawta (Talent, Ore.)      2:05:35 
4.  Chuck Mangus (Douglas, Wyo.)      2:06:10 
4.  Lisa Mangus (Douglas, Wyo.)      2:06:10 
5.  Todd Gentzler (Upton, Wyo.)      2:07:26 
5.  Dawn Gentzler (UPTON)      2:07:26 

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