The purpose of the USA Cycling Mountain Bike State and Regional Championship (USA CYCLING MTB) is to recognize the best mountain bike racers in each state and region.  Through the USA Cycling MTB State and Regional Championships, riders will be eligible for state and regional titles and medals, along with being able to qualify and compete at the USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships.

Endurance State and Regional Championship Events


DATE Event Location State/Regional Discipline
11/11/2017 Palo Duro Canyon MTB Marathon Texas State Marathon
12/02/2017 No Name Marathon Texas State Marathon
12/16/2018 Fat Chucks Revenge Texas State Marathon
01/06/2018 Excruciation Exam Texas State Marathon
01/27/2018 Miles of Discomfort Texas State Marathon
02/10/2018 GNR #1 - Saturday Nut Fever Georgia Regional XC
02/10 - 02/11/2018 Rocky Hill Roundup Texas State XC
02/23 - 02/24/2018 Turkey MTB Festival Oklahoma State XC
02/24 - 02/25/2018 TMBRA XC #2 Texas State XC
03/03 - 07/08/2018 California Dirt XC Series California State XC
03/03 - 03/04/2018 Bent Wheel Bash Texas State XC
03/04/2018 SCS #1 - The Knot South CarolinaState/Regional XC
03/04/2018 GNR #2 - Gettin' Squirrelly Rampage Georgia Regional XC
03/04/2018 Sooner Stampede Oklahoma State XC
03/10/2018 GSC #1 Georgia State XC
03/11/2018 Spillway Scramble (Gulf South Regional) Louisiana Regional XC
03/11/2018 Phat Tire Claremore MTB Race Oklagoma StateXC
03/24/2018 H2H #1 - March Mayhem New Jersey State XC
03/24 - 03/25/2018 Pace Bend Race Texas State XC
03/25/2018 GNR #3 - Nut So Fast Rally Alabama Regional XC
03/25/2018 SERC #1 - Newberry Florida Regional XC
03/25/2018 Tuffburg (Gulf South Regional) Nebraska Regional XC
03/25/2018 SCS #2 - Hobby Park North Carolina Regional XC
03/25/2018 WVMBA #1 - Tour de LackWest Virginia Regional / One-Day State XC
04/07/2018 Swanson Shootout Nebrasks State XC
04/07 - 04/08/2018 Hill Country MTB Challenge Texas State XC
04/08/2018 SERC #2 / GSC #2 Georgia State / Regional XC
04/08/2018 Sylvan Island Stampede Illinois State XC
04/08/2018 Fools Dozen Oklahoma State XC
04/08/2018 WVMBA #2 - Simonton Windows Challenge at Mountwood West Virginia Regional XC
04/14/2018 Hardware XC Pennsylvania State XC
04/14 - 04/15/2018 DORBA Race Texas State XC
04/15/2018Bethel Badlands Mississippi Regional XC
04/15/2018H2H #2 - Ringwood Rumble New Jersey State XC
04/15/2018SERC #3 / SCS #3 North Carolina Regional XC
04/15/2018Bolder Dash Oklahoma State XC
04/15/2018WSMTB 360 Park Washington State XC
04/15/2018WVMBA #3 - Valley Falls Challenge West Virginia Regional XC
04/22/2018GNR #4 - Aim for the Nuts CupGeorgia Regional XC
04/22/2018H2H #3 - MTBNJ Mooch Madness New Jersey State XC
04/22/2018Keystone - Lake Keystone Oklahoma State XC
04/22/2018WVMBA #4 - Chief Logan Wilderness Challenge West Virginia Regional XC
04/28/2018Hammerfest Illinois State XC
04/28/2018Lewis & Clark Crusher
Nebraska State XC
04/28 - 04/29/2018Huntsville Classic Texas State XC
04/29/2018SERC #4/GSC #3 Georgia State/Regional XC
04/29/2018SCS #4 - Race to the River South Carolina State/Regional XC
05/03/2018Peavine Challenge Cross Country MTB Race 25th Annual Nevada State XC
05/05/2018SCS # 5 - The Dark Grind North Carolina Regional XC
05/05/2018RME series #1: Ridgeline Rampage Colorado State XC
05/05 - 05/06/2018Soldier Hollow (Junior Regional Series only) Utah State/Regional XC
05/06/2018SERC #5 / GSC #4 Georgia State/Regional XC
05/06/2018Illiniwek Abermination Illinois State XC
05/06/2018Acadiana Classic Louisiana Regional XC
05/07/2018Iola Bump and Jump Wisconsin State XC
05/12/2018Platte River Battle Royale Nebraska State XC
05/12/2018H2H #4 - Stewart is Back New Jersey State XC
05/13/2018Woolly Hollow Arkansas State XC
05/19/2018SCS #6 -Bootleggers Blitz Virginia Regional Series/One-Day State XC
05/19/2018RME series #2: Battle the Bear Colorado State XC
05/19 - 05/20/2018The Warda Race Texas State XC
05/20/2018Mt. Zion Dust n Bones Mississippi Regional XC
05/20/2018GNR # 5 - Don't Drop Your Nuts Cup North Carolina Regional XC
05/20/2018Outback at Post Oak Oklohoma State XC
05/20/2018WVMBA #5 - BBA Blackwater Classic West Virginia State XC
05/21/2018Englewood Wisconsin State XC
05/26/2016WVMBA #6 - Black Bear XC West Virginia Regional XC
05/27/2018SERC # 6 Tennessee Regional XC
06/02/2018SCS #7 - Return to the RIdge Virginia Regional XC
06/03/2018SERC #7 - Bump N Grind Alabama Regional Series/ One-Day State XC
06/03/2018Spring Lake Classic Illinois State XC
06/03/2018WVMBA #7 - Henry Clay 30K West Virginia Regional XC
06/04/2018Battle of Camrock Wisconsin State XC
06/09/2018Tranquility Tire Tantrum Nebrasks State XC
06/09/2018SCS # 8 Battle of the Bikes North Carolina Regional/One-Day State XC
06/09/2018Missoula XC (Juniors Regional Series only) Montana Regional XC
06/10/2018GSC #5 Georgia State XC
06/10/2018Mud, Sweat and Gears
Illinois State XC
06/11/2018Hobbs Arkansas State XC
06/18/2018Mount Morris Challenge Wisconsin State XC
06/24/2018GNR #6 - Squirrelly Dell Grinder Alabama Regional XC
06/24/2018State Games of Mississippi Mississippi Regional XC
06/24/2018H2H #5 - Lewis Morris Challenge New Jersey State XC
06/24/2018SCS #9 - Stump Jump South Carolina State XC
06/25/2018Dawg Days Arkansas State XC
06/25/2018Red Flint Firecracker Wisconsin State XC
07/01/2018GNR #7 - Double Your Nuts Finale Georgia Regional XC
07/01/2018WVMBA #8 - Grand Vue XC West Virginia Regional XC
07/06 - 07/08/2018WORS Cup XC Wisconsin State/Regional XC
07/07/2018Liberty Bell CupIowa State XC
07/07 - 07/08/2018Marmont Massacre Kansas State XC / Marathon
07/08/2018SERC #8/GSC #6 Georgia State/Regional XC
07/08/2018WVMBA #9 - Race to Lil Moes West Virginia Regional XC
07/14/2018Breckenridge 100 Colorado State Marathon
07/14/2018SCS #10 - The Sizzler North Carolina Regional XC
07/14 - 07/16/2018Fat Tire Fest Arkansas State XC
07/15/2018Farmdale Frenzy Illinois State XC
07/15/2018H2H #6 - Bulldog Rump New Jersey State XC
07/22/2018Clash at the Camp Illinois State XC
07/23/2018Colectivo Coffee Bean Wisconsin State XC
08/06/2018Hixon Forest Epic Wisconsin State XC
08/12/2018Kickapoo Bash Illinois State XC
08/12/2018H2H #7 - Point Peter Pounder New Jersey State XC
08/20/2018Reforestation Ramble Wisconsin State XC
08/26/2018Wildlife Wild Festival Illinois State XC
08/27/2018Treadfest WisconsinState XC
09/01-09/03/2018Purgatory’s Revenge (Junior Regional Series only) Colorado Regional XC
09/02/2018Tour de Lizard Oklahoma State XC
09/09/2018Charlotte's Revenge Mississippi Regional XC
09/09/2018Blackwell Beatdown Oklahoma State XC
09/16/2018Devils Den Arkansas State XC
09/16/2018WVMBA #11 - Revenge of the Rattlesnake West Virginia Regional XC
09/22/2018St. Crispin's Day Massacre Oklahoma State XC
10/07/2018Slaughter Pen Arkansas State XC
10/07/2018Hill Country Revival Mississippi Regional XC
10/15/2018Spring Hill Classic Arkansas State XC
10/21/2018McGee Lungbuster Mississippi Regional XC
10/29/2018River Valley Rumble Arkansas State XC
11/05/2018Cane Creek Arkansas State XC
11/19/2018Attila the Hun Arkansas State XC
TBAFSC #1 Florida State XC
TBAFSC #2Florida State XC
TBAFSC #3 Florida State XC
TBAFSC #4 Florida State XC
TBAFSC #5 Florida State XC
TBAFSC #6 Florida State XC
TBAFSC #7 Florida State XC
TBAFSC #8 Florida State XC
TBAFSC #9 Florida State XC
TBDHop Brook  Connecticut State XC
TBDCT Series #2 Connecticut State XC
TBDCT Series #3 Connecticut State XC
TBDCT Series #4 Connecticut State XC
TBDBohart Bash Montana State XC
TBDCalvin Crest Crankfest Nebraska State XC
TBDLost Tierra Torture New Mexico State XC

Gravity State and Regional Championship Events

01/19 - 01/21/2018 2018 DVO Nevada State Gravity Championships Nevada State DH, DS & Super D
04/29/2018 WVMBA Enduro #1 - Timberline Enduro West Virginia State Enduro
05/05-05/06/2018 Soldier Hollow (Junior Regional Series only) Utah State/Regional XC
05/13/2018 WVMBA Enduro #2 - Valley Falls Enduro West Virginia State Enduro
05/27/2018 WVMBA Enduro #3 - Black Bear Enduro West Virginia State Enduro
06/02 - 06/03/2018 Sundance Showdown Utah State Super D & DH
06/09/2018 Missoula XC (Juniors Regional Series only) Montana Regional XC
06/23 - 06/24/2018 CanyonBall Utah State Super D & DH
06/24/2018 WVMBA Enduro #4 - Coopers Rock Bendura West Virginia State Enduro
07/21 - 07/22/2018 Pomerelle Pounder Idaho State DH
08/11 - 08/12/2018 Flyin' Brian Utah State Super D & DH
08/12/2018WVMBA Enduro #5 - Slatyfork Fat Tire Enduro West Virginia State Enduro
09/01/2018Texas Super D Championship Texas State Super D
09/02/2018WVMBA Enduro # 6 - Snowshoe Epic Enduro West Virginia State Enduro
10/11 - 10/13/2018Chile Challenge New Mexico State STXC, DH
09/28-09/30/2018Outlier Offroad Festival Colorado Regional Enduro/DH
TBDColorado Dual Slalom Series Colorado State DS

This schedule is SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


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For additional information on the State and Regional Mountain Bike Championships, please contact:
Stefanie Larson