February 27, 2013 LA Call


When: Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Time: 10:45 Mountain Time
Attendees:   Ron Garrett (OCA), Erik Anderson (WSBA), Loch Miwa (ICA), Lew Strader (MABRA), Andrew Ross (NYSBRA), Jack McNeal (BRAO), Mark Ewers (MOBRA), Keith Creeden (FRCA), Darrell Webb (NCA), Buddy Brownstein (MOBRA), Greg Aden (SCNCA), Steve Mathias (NMBRA), Dave Fowkes (ICA), Deb Schiff (NJBA), Bill Parsons (TBRA),  Jonathan Kinnick (TBRA), Diane Fortini (NEBRA),  Jim Patton (MABRA),  Ryan Krug (MCF),  John Sammut (MBRA), Ted Fisher (NCNCA), Jeff Poulin (NYSBRA), John Patterson (GABRA), Keith Creeden (FBRA), Chris Smith (MCF),  and Randy Legeai (LAMBRA).
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  1. Race Day Software – Tom Mahoney
    1. Rolling out “Race Today” for on-site reg using Excel and macros, compatible with Macs and Windows, programmed to work with USA Cycling online registration. Hoping to launch early May after some initial beta testing.
    2. Work with stage races? Yes to SR, omniums for version 2.0.
    3. Aimed at race director, not chief referee.
    4. Require online access? No, download database the night before and it doesn’t require internet onsite. Works with all disciplines.
    5. If someone comes up with an expired license, they won’t be in the system but can be entered.
    6. Issues with website? Switching to Amazon servers, so bear with us.
  1. Upgrade Clinics/Mentored race experience – Shawn Farrell & Kevin Dessart
    1. How to implement the mentored race experience?
    2. Kevin: Saw Larry Nolan’s example last month- a higher category rider riding with cat 5 race as volunteers- the people make the difference but the trick is getting the volunteers on a regional basis.
    3. Shawn: Rider doesn’t bring a cat 3 buddy, it’s something the LA or RD arrange ahead of time and design the curriculum.
    4. How is it credited and tracked as being a mentored race experience? Rider should report that in the upgrade request- so self-reporting at this time.
    5. Certified skills instructors are out there and can run clinics, as well.
    6. Should upgrade points accumulate indefinitely in the past? No, just 2012 forward, and we will publish that so that riders are aware. 2010 article about upgrades needs to be updated.
    7. Items removed from the rulebook regarding flyer requirements? Yes, removed because they were policy guidelines, not competition rules.
  1. USADA Update – Gordon Weldon
    1. Received terms from USADA, we are reviewing them and will publish soon. Again, USAC will match LA funds for testing of BAR/BAT events.
    2. So if USADA comes to an event early in the season, the fear could be decreased for later season events? Only if LA announces that they are paying for one event of testing.
    3. Logo forthcoming, USADA might have some print materials that the LA could pay for.
  1. General reminders – Fred Blattspieler
We have noticed an increase in the number of Insurance certificate reissues after events have been approved due to the following reasons:
  •  RD forgetting to add the additional insured on during the permit process
  • not listing the correct name, address, telephone for the entity
  • multiple event date changes within the same week
  • changing the event name
  • listing a sponsoring club then changing it once the club they really wanted to use has renewed
Help us to remind the race directors that any changes made to the insurance certificates will require a $10 reissue fee per certificate that will need to be paid before the certificate will be requested and issued
  1. Open discussion
    1. Can RDs add another category the day of the event if a category fills up? We will have to ask Shawn.
Also need to have Todd Sowl review for possible implications for event insurance.  Waiting response, and will inform once we have an answer.

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