February 2013 Technical Director Update



February 2013 Technical Director Update

Wow, what a trip the World Cyclo-cross Championships were for everyone involved. I am still letting it all sink in, but our country and USA Cycling looked very good when all was said and done. The officials rocked too. Now it is time to shift gears. The Technical Department will be full on getting the officials summit together.

Officials Clothing Program

We are in transition to our new clothing program. In the meantime, we have acquired the leftover inventory from the old clothing program. Attached you will find the list of items we have and the prices. If you are interested in purchasing any of these, please contact Gordon Weldon, Managing Director of Membership directly at gweldon@usacycling.org.  

Motoref MVR checks

We have begun using LexisNexis as our provider for MVR checks for motorefs as well as marshals and other volunteer drivers at races. If you are a motoref, you should have received an email from us last week with the details. If you did not, please contact me. I really like the new system. It is cheaper, much faster, and much, much faster to get results loaded into our database with. With this new system, last month we recorded a six minute turnaround from the time a motoref submitted his application until the results of his approval hit my computer.

2013 Officials Summit

The place to be March 8-10, 2013 will be Colorado Springs and the USAC headquarters for the second bi-annual officials’ summit. Registration is now open for all officials via the link below:


I will have the full agenda early next week and send it out, at least to those who have registered if we are full up by then, or to everyone if we are not. I can tell you the following schedule:

March 8th – Meet and greet reception at 6 PM
March 9th – Full day of seminars. Dinner at 6 PM
March 10th – Half day of seminars. Adjourn at 2 PM

The host hotel is the Marriot, which is just up the hill from us. We have an excellent rate of $79, whether shared or single, and that includes an excellent breakfast. I am making the reservations and you should have received an email from us earlier with a spreadsheet to fill out and return so that I can book the rooms. If you are registered and did not get that email, please let me know. I have to book the rooms for you to get that rate, so please go through us. Of course, you don’t have to stay there if you don’t want to, but I imagine it will be the central point of the social scene all weekend.
The hotel also provides airport pickups and deliveries, and also does the transportation to and from the hotel and the meetings.

2013 Rulebook

The 2013 rulebook went to the printer last month, but after some tweaks, I was finally able to tell them to print it today, so we should have them available next week. If you have not renewed your license, and you plan to, please do so now so that we can get you included in the initial mailing. Also, this is a very new rulebook, and hopefully much improved. This would be a good year to take a cold night and curl up by the fire and read it cover to cover. We will also be hosting a new rules webinar, probably in later February, as there is plenty of content for such a presentation.

A-Motoref Clinic

We will be hosting an A-level Motoref clinic here in Colorado Springs, April 12-14. Details are being worked out. I think we already contacted all of the B-motos that were qualified, but in case we missed anyone, now you know. If you are interested and have not been contacted, please see the upgrade requirements at the link below:

Rule of the Month

I really could do a rule of the week and have that carry me through most of the season, as we made some extensive changes this year as we revamped both the look as well as the content of the 2013 rulebook. In fact, I will eventually be doing that, but not through this medium. We have been making big changes to our website and to the “My USA Cycling” functionality. We've activated the blog widget within the Officials Association link and we'll be trying to post a lot of our information there. In the meantime, here is the rule of the month:

1H4(c). Riders may choose to enter single-day individual time trials in their proper category or any higher category, but not a lower category.

The purpose of this rule was to allow riders who really like time trials but don’t like to ride criteriums or road races to compete in a category that is more appropriate for them. We currently have no TT-specific categorization, and riders cannot use TT’s to upgrade, so a TT specialist will be forever a cat 5, yet might be quite strong. Unfortunately, the unintended consequence of this rule may encourage riders to continually ride on one-day licenses on the grounds that if a rider can ride up in category, then all races could be thought of as being open to cat 5, which would make all races subject to one days. That was not the intent. Therefore, as a clarification, this ability to ride up in category at a TT is a benefit of holding an annual license.

As you read through the rulebook, you will probably find lots of rules that bring up questions, so feel free to email me with those questions and I will focus future TD updates or blog posts on answering those.

That is about it for now. Cyclo-cross – Done. Road and MTB – Let’s get started.

Shawn Farrell
Technical Director



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