Tacoma Twilight Criterium
Tacoma, WA
USAC Permit Number 2013-2340
 Event Description
The 4th Annual Tacoma Twilight Criterium is in its second year in the Proctor Business District of North Tacoma. Several restaurants line the course with ample viewing on all portions.

 Course Description
Four corner, =/-.4 mile on smooth city streets with a very slight up hill and one challenging corner
 Start Time   Gender   Discpline   Category   Age   Prizes   Places   Length   Field  Fee  Onsite Fee 
5:00 pm  Open  Vintage  N/A N/A  All  Merchandise  1 3-4 laps  N/A   $5 $5
5:10 pm  Womens  Criterium  Women Cat 4    Merchandise  5 30 min  40   $35 $40
5:45 pm  Mens  Criterium  Men Cat 4/5    Merchandise  5 30 min  60   $35 $40
6:20 pm  Open  Kids Fun  N/A N/A    Merchandise  All 10 min  N/A   Free Free
6:35 pm  Womens  Criterium  Women Pro/Cat 1/2/3    Mercha  5 40 min  50   $35 $40
7:20 pm  Mens  Criterium  Masters Cat 1/2/3  35+  Merchandise  5 40min  50   $35 $40
8:05 pm  Mens  Criterium  Men Cat 3    Cash  5 40 Min  60   $35 $40
8:50 pm  Mens  Criterium  Men Pro/Cat 1/2    Cash  5 60 min  60   $35 $40

There are two types of registration: Online at USA Cycling and on race day at the event Some categories will sell out, so reserve your place now by registering The day of race registration will open at 3:00PM and will close 15 minutes prior to each category start time. Registration will be on Adams St in the center of the course. The Fine Print: WSBA numbers required. Rental numbers will be available for $10 per race ($5 refundable on return of number, $10 refundable if not a Washington State resident), but joining WSBA is recomended. WSBA numbers on both sides. Rental numbers on right side. USA Cycling or UCI license required. $10 one-day license for Men Cat 5 and Women Cat 4 only. All USAC rules will be enforced! All riders must sign a waiver to compete and are required to wear an USAC approved helmet. Held under USA Cyclng permit #2013-2 Cost $35 dollars (includes sales tax) plus online registration fees per race for USAC licensed riders. Race day registration is an additional $5 per race. There will be a multiple race discount of $10 off per race for each race after the first full paid entry.



 For More Information:
Scott Monett
3816 N 26th St
Tacoma, WA
(303) 587-4946 www.tacomatwilight.com/
Online registration