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Integration from Start to Finish

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USA Cycling offers its own online registration platform, which is fully integrated with both our membership and permitting services, and makes registration easy for both riders and race promoters.  

While race directors who permit their races with us are not required to use our system, here is what it makes it a great, convenient option.  

1. Integrated Permitting and Registration   

One of the great benefits of using the USA Cycling platform is that it eliminates many of the upfront costs associated with putting on an event as well as simplifying your budget process. When you use our registration you do not have to pay permit fees up front. Those fees, along with rider surcharges and any additional event fees will be part of your “Event Held Funds,” and automatically deducted from the rider registration fees collected online. 


2. Automatic and Free Inclusion in our Event Cancellation Refund Protection Program

The value of this free benefit alone might be the main reason why you'd want to use our platform. Let's face it, what promoter hasn’t looked up at the sky on the morning of a race and felt anxiety in the pit of their stomach when the reality of possible event cancellations looms large overhead. With our Event Cancellation Refund Protection Program, you can avoid the negative PR of cancelled categories and non-refundable entry fees and still pay your hard costs.

All events that use our online registration automatically receive this benefit at no cost. 

Read more about held funds and refunds here.  

3. Customizable    

Race directors can customize their registration pages with information specific to your event including: sponsor logos, display graphics sell merchandise; provide additional information about the event and more.

4. Less Administration, More Rebates 

Another great feature of using our online registration platform, particularly for traditional bike racing, is the full integration of our member database. 

  • Riders are automatically presented with category options for which they are eligible. Their registration is pre-populated with their most up-to-date information, so there is no need to set up another account just for registration.
  • The system also allows riders to purchase an annual or one-day membership ahead of time, alleviating the pain of waiting in line on race day.
  • Riders participating in all types of events have a better race day experience and your staff is happier with the hassle-free option of signing event waivers digitally.

Did someone say rebates

Everybody likes getting a little money back, and USA Cycling event directors are no different. Our online registration rebate program is participation-driven and pays $.40 per transaction for events with more that 50 online registrations. 

Additionally for event directors  or clubs that meet the minimum of 250 transactions in a calendar year (the aggregate applies to events permitted under the same RD license or Club RD license but not both or not combined) USA Cycling offers a year end bonus rebate according to the following schedule:

Bronze: 250-749 transactions in a calendar year –additional $.10 per transaction

Silver: 750-999 transactions in a calendar year – additional $.20 per transaction

Gold: 1000+ net transactions in a calendar year - additional $.30 per transaction