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  1. To begin, log in or create an account with USA Cycling. Then click here.
  2. Click “Enter a New Event,” and fill out the necessary information (i.e. name, event date, location, race category and type, as well as ability to complete a medical plan), or search for an existing event to duplicate from a previous year. 
  3. After you submit your online permit and fees, the permit automatically goes to your Local Association for approval, then to our Event Services staff for final approval before submission to our insurance company.
  4. From there, insurance certificates will be issued and sent to the email address you provide.
  5. You're ready to roll!  

Some Things to Note:

  • The online permit process takes approximately 30 minutes, though you can save and return at your convenience without losing your work.
  • Once the permit for the event has been approved, no changes can be made unless authorized by either the Local Association or Event Services team.
  • Be sure to complete the permitting process at least eight weeks prior to the event date to avoid late fees. No new permits will be issued within 72 hours of the event start.
  • To ensure insurance coverage, the event must be permitted seven days prior to the event date.
  • The entire permit process takes approximately 14 business days to complete and does not include the processing of insurance certificates. The time needed for producing insurance certificates can vary depending on current volume and how many are required for your event. 
  • Though unusual, any changes that might be needed after fulfillment of your initial request may take several weeks to process so we encourage you to plan ahead!


Membership Fees

Participants taking part in traditional racing disciplines permitted with USA Cycling must hold a valid annual or one-day racing membership. For those participating in gran fondos, fun rides and gravel events a racing membership is not required. However, all participants and event volunteers are required to sign a waiver.

Permitting Fees

Competitive events: 
  • Permit fee of $100 per day for non-series permits
  • Surcharge of $4.75 per rider, per day
  • For multiple day road races (including stage races, omniums, or other races conducted on consecutive days with cumulative results), fees are based on the highest overall payment on a single category, including general classification, team prizes, KOM's, etc.
  • If you are holding non-competitive "companion" rides or clinics prior to the event to prepare participants, make sure you permit this as a non-competitive event separate from the main event. This offers more coverage for your entire event.
Gran Fondo and Gravel events: 
  • Permit fee of $100 per day
  • Insurance fee, per rider, per day: $4.75 
Non-competitive events: 
  • Training rides/camps/clinics:
    • $100 per day for non-series
    • $25 per day for series permits/$250 permit fee cap for a series permit
    • Insurance fee per-rider, per-day: $4.75
  • Fun rides/tours/charity rides*:
    • $100 per event
    • The insurance fee per-rider, per-day: $3.75

*We offer complimentary race director licenses to people interested in permitting their gran fondo, gravel event, fun ride, or charity ride with USA Cycling. Please contact our Event Services team to override the license requirement. 

Set-Up and Teardown Days

  • These can be covered for an additional $50 per day

Practice Days

  • There is no charge for the practice days that are held during the permitted event dates. The following fees are on a per-day basis for mountain bike events:
  • Category A – 1,000+ event participants: $250
  • Category B – 500-999 event participants: $200
  • Category C – 100-499 event participants: $150
  • Category D – 50-99 event participants: $125
  • Category E – 1-49 event participants: $100
  • Road and track events: flat rate of $50 per day 

Cancellation Fees

  • If the event is cancelled, there is a $50 
  • If the permit was submitted late and a late fee was charged, the late fee will not be returned. 

Official Fees

  • For traditional cycling races to qualify as USA Cycling sanctioned racing event, USA Cycling officials must be present.
  • Traditional races include road races, criterium, TT, cyclocross races, mountain bike races, etc.
  • Officials are not required for gran fondos, fun rides or gravel events.
  • Please see the Officials section for a full breakdown of costs.
  • In addition to these daily fees, there are additional fees associated with overtime races, site visits, overnight lodging, and any other necessary expenses an official may incur.    
  • Officials are assigned according to Policy IV: Officials Assignment Guidelines

 Race Types:

  • Multiple-day mountain races including stage races or other races conducted on consecutive days with cumulative results and prizes are at least Category D races.
  • National Championships and international races are Category A races.
  • Non-championship final trials for Olympic, Pan American, and World Championship teams are at least Category C races.
  • State Championships and Regional Championships are at least Category D races.
  • Category E races are those that do not qualify for higher categorization.
  • Race Series:
    • A training race series is a sequence of race meets of the same kind conducted on a regular basis at the same location, time, and day of week.  State championship series are NOT eligible! A prize list of less than $499 per day may be offered.
    • The permit fee per day is $25 and rises to a $250 cap.
    • All riders must be licensed and sign waivers.
    • Race directors pay $4.75 per rider per day for insurance coverage. 

Post Event Reporting:

Post-event reporting and fees are due to the USA Cycling office within 21 days after the event.

Failure to comply will result in additional mandatory fees:

  • $100 if before 21 days after the event
  • $150 if within 31-60 days after the event
  • $200 if within 61-90 days after the event
  • An organizer who fails to publish an official race announcement shall pay an additional 7% of the total prize list, or $50, whichever is greater. Non-compliance or lack of full payment may result in future cancellation of permits and/or suspension. 

Event Insurance:

Umbrella Policy (additional $2 million optional insurance):

  • 5000+ participant days – $2,350
  • 1,000-4999 participant days – $1,565
  • 250-999 participant days – $1,190
  • 100-249 participant days – $845
  • 1-99 participant days – $535
  • Events with 10,000+ spectators are an additional $3,125

To purchase the umbrella policy, please call our Event Services team at 719-434-4200.  Since the umbrella policy is purchased prior to your event, we will look at your actual participant numbers when post-event paperwork is submitted to finalize your fee. 

Insurance Certificates:

Will automatically be issued for the race director and each sponsoring club free of charge. If another party is required to be named as an additional insured, the cost will be $13 each.

  • This $13 fee will apply each time your certificate needs to be reissued, so we encourage you to communicate with the insured and make sure that your request is complete and accurate the first time including spelling, addresses, and the proper way to list the insured on the certificate.
  • To request Additional Insured certificates after your initial application, please go to your list of permits with USA Cycling, click on the event you'd like to add Additional Insured to, and then click on "Add Additional Insured". 
  • If a special endorsement is required for the insurance certificates there is a $75 fee per request.
  • If you are organizing a competitive event, officials MUST be present. You as the race director will be responsible to pay licensed officials a daily fee based on the race category. 

Post Event:

After the event there are several items that need to be turned in as part of the permitting process.

You will need to calculate and pay the rider surcharges at the end of the event. For traditional competitive events where an official was present, the official will assist you with this. For gran fondos, gravel, fun rides and other non-competitive events, you will need to do this yourself.   

When calculating your rider surcharges, please note that the surcharge is calculated on the unique rider (and not the number of events they participated in per day). You may also have sold USA Cycling annual memberships or one day licenses during the onsite registration process. The amount for these fees and licenses is totaled and payment made with the post-event report form.