Eighteen titles awarded on penultimate day of Masters Track Nationals


Friday morning session-9
Photo by Erika Fulk
Rock Hill, SC (July 25, 2015) – Saturday was the penultimate day of racing at the 2015 USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships, and 18 more Stars-and-Stripes jerseys were earned.  
Patricia Baker (Laguna Hills, Calif./San Diego Cyclo Vets) grabbed another gold medal when she won the women's 75+ individual pursuit. She also has gold medals under her belt this week in the sprint and time trial. Patricia Riddle (La Jolla, Calif./Eddie B Cycling) beat out Jo Johnson (Wilmington, Del./Riptide Cycling) for the win in the women's 65-69 individual pursuit. It was the fourth gold medal of this national championship for Riddle who also claimed victory in the sprint, scratch race, and time trial. Individual pursuits were also held on Saturday morning for men 50-54 and women 55-69, 60-64, and 70-74. Results are available here.
Like Riddle, Annette Williams (Kenmore, Wash./Kenmore Velo) was another rider to earn her fourth national title on Friday. She clocked a 39.148 in the women's 50-54 time trial to beat out Lisa Nutter (Philadelphia, Pa.) and Beverly Chaney (Carmel, Calif./SJBC). Time trials were also held for men 55-59 and 60-64. Find results here.
1952 Olympian Thomas O'Rourke (Westbloomfield, Mich./Cadieux Bicycle Club) won the sprint and the time trial earlier in the week and then took the podium's top step again on Saturday night with a victory in the men's 80-84 scratch race. Scratch races were also held for men 45-49, 70-74, 75-79, and women 45-49. Results are here.
Friday morning session-5
Photo by Erika Fulk

In the women's 40-44 sprint, Cheryl Fuller-Muller (Cumming, Ga.) took a second national title by outsprinting Camie Kornely (Fort Lee, NJ) and Adrienne McCray (Washington DC). Sprints were also held on Saturday for the 35-39 and 65-69 men. Results are here.
After earning silver medals in the scratch race, individual pursuit, and time trial this week, Karl Baumgart earned a gold medal when he won the men's 40-44 points race on Saturday evening. He beat out silver and bronze medalists Benjamin Sharp (Boulder, Colo./Stages Cycling) and Jason Garner (Tehuan Management Group).
Racing will close out on Sunday with the team pursuits, team sprints, and Madisons.

Men Master 50-54 Individual Pursuit

1.  Chris Carlson (Plano, Texas)   Matrix/RBM   2:22.971 
2.  Dean Peterson (Indianapolis, Ind.)   ZIPP Masters Team   2:28.149 
3.  Curtis Tolson (Louisville, Ky.)   Texas Roadhouse Cycling p/b Stradalli Bicycles   2:29.352 

Women Master 55-59 Individual Pursuit

1.  Elizabeth Heller (St. Louis, Mo.)   Mesa Cycles Penrose Park Velo Team   2:47.450 
2.  Meg Mautner (Beaverton, Ore.)   BRIHOP Cycling   3:08.344 

Women Master 60-64 Individual Pursuit

1.  Lan Tran (San Diego, Calif.)   San Diego Cyclo Vets   3:04.328 
2.  Arminda Fernandes (Ludlow, Mass.)   Bike Line/LWA   3:39.140 
996.  Jane Rinard        

Women Master 65-69 Individual Pursuit

1.  Patricia Riddle (La Jolla, Calif.)   Eddie B Cycling   3:16.793 
2.  Jo Johnson (Wilmington, Del.)   Riptide Cycling   3:20.308 

Women Master 70-74 Individual Pursuit

1.  Bonnie Woodbury (Escondido, Calif.)   Eddie B Cycling   3:11.041 

Women Master 75+ Individual Pursuit

1.  Patricia Baker (Laguna Hills, Calif.)   San Diego Cyclo Vets   4:21.203 

Women Master 50-54 Time Trial

1.  Annette Williams (Kenmore, Wash.)   Kenmore Velo   39.148 
2.  Lisa Nutter (Philadelphia, Pa.)      40.504 
3.  Beverly Chaney (Carmel, Calif.)   SJBC   41.556 

Men Master 60-64 Time Trial

1.  Robert Pelegrin (Redondo Beach, Calif.)      37.917 
2.  Lionel Space (Phoenix, Ariz.)   Arizona Faster Cycling   38.301 
3.  Don Carlberg (Katy, Texas)      38.472 

Men Master 55-59 Time Trial

1.  Kurt Sato (San Pedro, Calif.)   South Bay Wheelmen   35.510 
2.  Russell Murphy (Kirkwood, Mo.)   Mesa Cycles Penrose Park Velo Team   36.133 
3.  Richard Voss (Littleton, Colo.)   Hammer Racing Team- TVG LTD.   36.247 

Men 1/2/3 Master 45-49 Scratch Race

1.  Kurt Begemann (Westford, Mass.)   Begemann Racing Systems    
2.  Patrick Warner (Boulder, Colo.)   Stages Cycling    
3.  Todd Scheske (Rochester, N.Y.)   Legaci Cycling    

Men Master 70-74 Scratch Race

1.  Michael Williams (Metairie, La.)       
2.  Leo Menestrina (Gilroy, Calif.)   Alto Velo Racing Club    
3.  Jurgen Leiser (Colorado Spgs, Colo.)       

Men Master 75-79 Scratch Race

1.  James Kloss (Huntington Beach, Calif.)   South Bay Wheelmen    
2.  J Robert Beck (Hanover Park, Ill.)   Midwest Masters Cycling Team    

Men Master 80-84 Scratch Race

1.  Thomas O'rourke (Westbloomfield, Mich.)   Cadieux Bicycle Club    

Women 1/2/3 Master 45-49 Scratch Race

1.  Catherine Moore (Waco, Texas)   Fearless Femme p/b Haute Wheels Racing    
2.  Dana Walton (E Norriton, Pa.)   Chester County Cycling Foundation    
3.  Suzanne Goodwin (Mckinney, Texas)   McKinney Velo Club    

Women Master 40-44 Sprint

1.  Cheryl Fuller-muller (Cumming, Ga.)       
2.  Camie Kornely (Fort Lee, N.J.)       
3.  Adrienne Mccray (Washington, D.C.)       

Men Master 65-69 Sprint

1.  Mark Rodamaker (Los Altos, Calif.)   Performance Cycle Coaching   12.565 
2.  Barry Messmer (Fort Collins, Colo.)   Boulder Orthopedics   13.589 
3.  William Thomsen (Brookhaven, Ga.)   East Point Track Club   13.180 

Men Master 35-39 Sprint

1.  Ethan Boyes (SAN FRANCISCO)   Performance Cycle Coaching   11.108 
2.  Kenneth Lo (San Francisco, Calif.)   Performance Cycle Coaching   11.430 
3.  Jeffrey Whiteman (Chicago, Ill.)   Tehuan Management Group   11.465 

Men 1/2/3 Master 40-44 Points Race

1.  Karl Baumgart (SCOTTSDALE AZ)   GPE Racing p/b Athlete Octane   60 
2.  Benjamin Sharp (Boulder, Colo.)   Stages Cycling   31 
3.  Jason Garner (Glenview, Ill.)   Tehuan Management Group   19 

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