Dual slalom titles defended, new short track XC champs named at MTB Nationals


(July 17, 2015) – Luca Cometti (San Diego, Calif./Intense Factory Racing) and Jill Kintner (Bellingham, Wash./Red Bull-Norco Bicycles) repeated as men’s and women’s professional dual slalom national champions, and Russell Finsterwald (Colorado Springs, Colo./SRAM-Troy Lee Designs Race Team) and Chloe Woodruff (Prescott, Ariz./Team Stan’s NoTubes-Niner) took over as men’s and women’s professional short track cross-country national champions on Friday at the 2015 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships in Mammoth Mountain, Calif.
Luca Cometti (r) battles Kyle Strait for the men's pro dual slalom win.
Luca Cometti (r) battles Kyle Strait for the men's pro dual slalom win. (photo by Philip Beckman/www.pbcreativephoto.com)

Cometti worked his way through the men’s dual slalom bracket to earn his second-straight pro dual slalom title, defeating Kyle Strait (Costa Mesa, Calif.) in the final after trailing by 0.04 seconds following the first final run. Dakotah Norton (Atlas, Mich.) took bronze in the event.
“I wasn’t expecting (to win) last year, and I wasn’t expecting it this year either,” Cometti said. “I just tried to do my best. That’s all I can ask for.”
Kintner picked up her third consecutive dual slalom Stars-and-Stripes jersey and 14th elite pro national championship with a convincing win on Friday, defeating Jacqueline Thomas (Winter Park, Colo.) on both gold medal runs to take the win. Alison Osgood (Carmel Valley, Calif.) finished with bronze.
“I’m pumped to win another slalom national title,” Kintner said. “It was definitely pretty loose out there and wild, and we’re out there until dark pretty much. I guess my focus always is just to ride as good as I can, keep my eyes forward and be as focused as I can be on the task.”
Click here for professional dual slalom results.
Finsterwald battled with four-time short track cross-country national champion Todd Wells (Durango, Colo./Specialized Factory Racing) for the entirety of the pro men’s short track contest, and the two held off Stephan Davoust (Durango, Colo./Giant Southwest Racing), who applied pressure in third for the duration of the 20 minute, plus three-lap event. Finsterwald managed to pull away after Wells suffered a rear flat before the bell lap, ensuring Finsterwald’s first professional title in 28:48.3. Davoust earned silver in 29:07.7 and Alex Grant (Salt Lake City, Utah/Roadbiker-Cannondale) claimed bronze in 29:21.3. Full pro men’s short track cross-country results.
“I felt really good out here today,” said Finsterwald. “I’ve been training at home at altitude, so coming here kind of feels like home. It will mean a lot (to wear the Stars-and-Stripes jersey). It will be good wearing it for the next year.”
Chloe Woodruff held on for the women's pro short track cross-country win.
Chloe Woodruff held on for the women's pro short track cross-country win. (photo by Philip Beckman/www.pbcreativephoto.com)

Woodruff proved to be the best of an early breakaway group, jumping to the lead around the midpoint of the contest, but was caught by Lea Davison (Jericho, Vt./Specialized Factory Racing) with two laps to go. Woodruff and Davison worked together on the bell lap before Woodruff was able to drop the Vermont native to win her eighth national championship and first since winning the 2009 collegiate cross-country title. Woodruff crossed in 29:25.1, besting Davison’s 29:29.0 effort, while defending short track champion Georgia Gould (Fort Collins, Colo./LUNA Pro Team) finished third in 29:55.3. Full pro women’s short track cross-country results.
“It’s pretty special to come back here,” Woodruff said after the race. “I won the expert women’s short track jersey here 10 years ago, so it’s great to be back. I was kind of thinking that would be really cool to win it 10 years later.”
Hear from all four Day 3 professional national champions.
Friday also saw national championships earned in Category 1 19-49 and singlespeed men’s and Category 1 19-34 and singlespeed women’s cross-country divisions, and amateur dual slalom divisions. Pro men’s, women’s and junior men’s 17-18 downhill seeding was also determined for Saturday’s finals. Click here for all Day 3 results.
Cross-country and downhill competition wraps up on Saturday with pro men’s and women’s events as well as all remaining amateur cross-country and downhill divisions.
For a complete scheduleresults, course maps and photo galleriesplease visit the event web site. If you can’t make it out for the event, follow all of the action on Twitter using the hashtag #MTBNats.
2015 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships
Mammoth Mountain Ski Area
Mammoth Mountain, Calif.
July 15-19, 2015

Men Pro Short Track XC

1.  Russell Finsterwald (Colorado Springs, Colo.)     28:48.3
2.  Stephan Davoust (Durango, Colo.    29:07.7 
3.  Alex Grant (Salt Lake City, Utah    29:21.3

Women Pro Short Track XC

1.  Chloe Woodruff (Prescott, Ariz.    29:25.1 
2.  Lea Davison (Jericho, Vt.    29:29.0 
3.  Georgia Gould (Fort Collins, Colo.    29:55.3 

Men Pro DS

1.  Luca Cometti (San Diego, Calif.)      1:00.04 
2.  Kyle Strait (Costa Mesa, Calif.)      59.49 
3.  Dakotah Norton (ATLAS)      1:00.02 

Women Pro DS

1.  Jill Kintner (Bellingham, Wash.)      1:06.56 
2.  Jacqueline Thomas (WINTER PARK)      1:11.78 
3.  Alison Osgood (CARMEL VALLEY)      1:14.67 

Women 01 Master 30-34 XC

1.  Mckenzie Long (Mammoth Lakes, Calif.)      1:38:13.5 
2.  Leslie Oley (Palo Alto, Calif.)      1:43:47.1 
3.  Joy Adams (Mccall, Idaho)      1:47:55.5 
4.  Penny Borden (Waco, Texas)   Bear Mountain Wolfpack   1:50:56.5 

Women 01 Master 35-39 XC

1.  Amber Broch (Reno, Nev.)   Northstar California   1:34:30.8 
2.  Sarah Pittiglio (Sacramento, Calif.)      1:48:53.7 
3.  Jeanae Dubois (Fresno, Calif.)   INTEGRITY RACING p/b Integrity Roofing   1:49:37.9 
4.  Michelle Monroe (Salinas, Calif.)      1:54:31.6 

Women 01 Master 40-44 XC

1.  Kelly Ault (Middlesex, Vt.)   Bicycle Express Racing   1:40:47.7 
2.  Linda Mcgee (San Clemente Clemente, Calif.)   Blackstar Racing   1:43:58.1 

Women 01 Master 45-49 XC

1.  Julie Young (Auburn, Calif.)      1:31:11.7 
2.  Margell Abel (Boulder, Colo.)   Evol Elite Racing   1:36:32.1 
3.  Laura Trace (PORTLAND)   Team Oregon p/b Laurelwood Brewing Company   1:37:46.9 
4.  Cameron Urban (Kentfield, Calif.)   Whole Athlete/ Specialized Cycling Team   1:38:50.8 
5.  A Paige Galeoto (Reno, Nev.)   Reno Wheelmen   1:45:14.2 

Women 01 Senior 19-24 XC

1.  Porsha Stockton (Allen, Texas)   Cadence Cyclery   1:36:06.4 
2.  Megan Bradley (Lake Arrowhead, Calif.)   University of California-Berkeley   1:45:37.2 
3.  Kara Uhl (Smithville, Texas)   Union College-KY   1:48:29.5 

Women 01 Senior 25-29 XC

1.  Jane Kerner (Orange, Calif.)   Rock N' Road Cyclery   1:31:28.0 
2.  Nikki Peterson (BIG BEAR LAKE CA)      1:32:51.5 
3.  Liza Hartlaub (Berkeley , Calif.)      1:41:20.0 
4.  Brittany Parffrey (Katy, Texas)   Bicycle Heaven / PVA   1:43:46.2 
5.  Kayley Burdine (Mobile, Ala.)      1:49:22.2 

Women Single Speed XC

1.  Ellen Sherrill (South Lake Tahoe, Calif.)      1:29:52.0 
2.  Jessica Mazaitis (Mammoth Lakes, Calif.)      1:34:00.4 
3.  Sara Heuston (Carmichael, Calif.)   Team Roseville Cyclery   1:47:39.2 

Men 01 Master 30-34 XC

1.  Ryan Fedorow (Orange, Calif.)      1:46:12.9 
2.  Bobby Brown (GRAND JUNCTION CO)      1:47:09.8 
3.  Kirk Nordgren (Santa Ynez, Calif.)   One Way Cycling   1:47:38.0 
4.  Shane Johnson (REDMOND OR)      1:48:47.1 
5.  Brian Carlson (Orange, Calif.)   Blackstar Racing   1:56:36.4 

Men 01 Senior 19-24 XC

1.  Nicholas Beechan (Idyllwild, Calif.)      1:38:41.1 
2.  Spencer Rathkamp (Stevenson Ranch, Calif.)      1:43:54.9 
3.  Brent Burcham (Fallbrook, Calif.)      1:45:44.0 
4.  Canyon Emmott (Spicewood, Texas)   787 Racing   1:45:46.3 
5.  Garrett Sczechowski (Boulder, Colo.)   Purdue University   1:48:27.3 

Men 01 Senior 25-29 XC

1.  Daniel Munoz (Riverside, Calif.)      1:38:53.2 
2.  Brian Scarbrough (Lakeside, Calif.)      1:41:01.3 
3.  Brian Gordon (Corona, Calif.)   Blackstar Racing   1:44:09.2 
4.  Jonathan Lee (SPARKS NV)   AUDI RENO- TAHOE CYCLING   1:45:22.7 
5.  Dean Hall (Orange, Calif.)      1:45:54.1 

Men Single Speed XC

1.  Kyle Trudeau (Tucson, Ariz.)      1:39:52.3 
2.  Mikael Rodgers (Ladera Ranch, Calif.)   Team Velosport-CA   1:40:22.2 
3.  Jason Siegle (Solvang, Calif.)   SDG Bellwether pb Krema Peanut Butter   1:41:17.3 
4.  Cary Smith (Jackson, Wyo.)      1:43:00.1 
5.  Bart Flynn (JACKSON)   Hoback Sports   1:46:25.2 

Women 9+ DS

1.  Mckenna Merten (JAMUL CA)      1:14.71 
2.  Lauren Bingham (Sandy, Utah)      1:17.95 
3.  Porsha Stockton (Allen, Texas)      1:33.90 
4.  Jodi Melton (Mammoth Lakes, Calif.)      1:20.65 
5.  Jill Hamilton (Bonsall, Calif.)      1:18.86 

Men Junior 9-14 DS

1.  Joseph Foresta (South Jordan, Utah)      59.98 
2.  Bryn Bingham (Sandy, Utah)      1:02.28 
3.  Matthew Sterling (San Jose, Calif.)      1:07.07 
4.  Julien Markewitz (Salt Lake City, Utah)      1:09.04 
5.  Maison Duncan (JAMUL CA)      1:10.42 

Men 2/3 Junior 15-18 DS

1.  Anthony Moreno (Yorba Linda, Calif.)      1:04.92 
2.  Nathan Kohl (Cameron Park, Calif.)      1:05.51 
3.  Shane Ellis (Durango, Colo.)      1:05.89 
4.  Evan Mercure (Hollister, Calif.)      1:06.18 
5.  Garret Kniss (Fremont, Calif.)      1:06.41 

Men 2/3 Master 40+ DS

1.  Shawne Portman (San Francisco, Calif.)      1:09.29 
2.  Alex Mcelyea (Scottsdale, Ariz.)      1:12.15 
3.  Jason Swain (Tallahassee, Fla.)      1:13.95 
4.  Joe Tippit (Riverside, Calif.)      1:10.47 
5.  Jon Pritchett (Nevada City, Calif.)      1:17.02 

Men 01 Senior 19-29 DS

1.  Jeremy Chandler (Tucson, Ariz.)      1:04.11 
2.  Joshua Nevelson (San Diego, Calif.)      1:03.01 
3.  Christopher Ridder (Odgen, Utah)      1:07.53 
4.  Ashton Smith (Cupertino, Calif.)      1:07.89 

Men 01 Master 30-39 DS

1.  Mike Sleeter (Murrieta, Calif.)      1:06.64 
2.  Jonathan Widen (Mammoth Lakes, Calif.)      1:06.25 
3.  Mike Diorio (Winchester, Calif.)      1:07.02 

Men 01 Master 40+ DS

1.  Jeffrey Burcar (Irvine, Calif.)      1:08.32 
2.  Jason Gibb (Redmond, Wash.)      1:09.02 
3.  Chad Hubbard (Winchester, Calif.)      1:04.78 
4.  Chance Gibson (Las Vegas, Nev.)      1:06.84 

Men 2/3 Senior 19-29 DS

1.  Kyle Doyle (San Diego, Calif.)      1:05.89 
2.  Kris Magenheim (Temecula, Calif.)      1:07.50 
3.  Vincent Kimber (SANTA ROSA )      1:12.26 
4.  Blake Petritz (Mammoth Lakes, Calif.)      1:10.24 

Men 2/3 Master 30-39 DS

1.  David Ferstl (Danville, Calif.)      1:14.39 

Men 01 Junior 15-18 DS

1.  Warren Kniss (Fremont, Calif.)      1:02.60 
2.  Josh Gibb (Redmond, Wash.)      1:04.00 
3.  David Kahn (Putnam Valley, N.Y.)      1:04.53 
4.  Niko Kilik (SAN JOSE)      1:05.11 
5.  Cole Sutton (Shingle Springs, Calif.)      1:08.03 

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