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Highlands Cycling Club
1454 Dewey Blvd
Butte, MT 59701
(406) 490-2556
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Club ID: 9922
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Expired 2015

Club Contacts:
Warren Smith - President

Event Organizers:
John Coulthard
Chad Lanes
Warren Smith

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Sponsored Events
2015-1647 Discovery XC
2015-1628 Pedal the Pintlers
2014-1410 Pedal the Pintlers
2014-1409 Discovery XC
2013-2431 Homestake XC Mountain Bike Race
2013-1836 Discovery XC
2013-1827 Pedal the Pintlers
2012-3258 Butte CX Weekend
2012-2387 Pedal The Pintlers
2012-2196 Homestake XC Mountain Bike Race
2012-2194 Discovery XC
2011-2199 Copper Mountain Cyclocross
2011-2178 Homestake XC Mountain Bike Race
2011-2130 Discovery XC
2010-2688 Homestake Psychlo Cross
2010-1750 Discovery XC Mountain Bike Race
2010-1709 Homestake XC Mountain Bike Race
2010-1390 Rawhide CDT Tour
2009-2388 8 Hours of Labor
2009-2375 Psychlo Night-Cross
2009-1875 Rawhide Continental Divide Tour
2009-1645 Homestake XC Mountain Bike Race
2008-1651 Homestake XC Mountain Bike Race
2007-1799 Butte 100
2007-1727 Thompson Park Mtn Bike Race
2007-1226 Pedal the Pintlers
2007-953 Discovery MTB Race
2007-672 Highlands Cycling Road Race & Time Trial
2006-1852 Copper Mountain Cyclocross
2006-1160 Thompson Park MTB Race
2006-713 Discovery MTB Race
2006-413 Highlands Training Series
2006-364 Highlands Cycling Road Race
2005-1858 Copper Mountian Cyclocross
2005-1238 Disco Mountain Boogie MTB Race
2005-934 Thompson Park MTB Race
2005-697 Highlands Cycling Road Race
2005-272 Winter National MT Bike Race