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Whole Wheel Velo Club
2611 South Lynn St
Arlington, VA 22202
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Club ID: 881
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Christopher Gould - Treasurer
David Harrell - Member At-Large
Scott Mearns - President
Armando Peralta - Vice-President

Event Organizers:
Michael Angove
Christopher Gould
David Harrell

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Sponsored Events
2016-1744 Shenandoah Speedway Criterium
2016-1743 Shenandoah Time Trial
2016-1604 Ride Sally Ride
2015-2641 Luray Caverns CX
2015-2641 Luray Caverns CX
2015-1045 Tour of Page County
2015-922 Ride Sally Ride
2014-467 Ride Sally Ride
2014-404 Shenandoah Time Trial
2014-403 Tour of Page County
2013-2295 Shenandoah Time Trial
2013-1713 Ride Sally Ride
2013-1198 Page Valley Road Race
2013-714 Tour of Page County
2012-2571 Page Valley Road Race
2012-2043 Ride Sally Ride
2011-2300 Shenandoah Time Trial
2011-1443 Ride Sally Ride
2010-1803 Ride Sally Ride - Kids Fun Race
2010-1235 Ride Sally Ride
2009-1614 Ride Sally Ride-Kids Race
2009-1613 Ride Sally Ride
2008-1659 Ride Sally Ride-Kids Race
2008-1658 Ride Sally Ride
2007-1140 The Quicksilver
2006-1326 The Quicksilver
2005-1275 The Quicksilver