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Radsport Cycling Team
5522 Laurelton Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92845
(714) 403-1689
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Club ID: 6899
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Darrin Monroe - Vice President
David Prechtl - President
Kenneth Stewart - Treasurer

Club Teams:
Pinnaclife Racing Team --( M )--

W = Women Only Team
JR = Juniors Only Team
M = Masters Only Team
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Sponsored Events
2015-202 Roger Millikan Mermorial Cycling Race
2013-375 2013 Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium
2012-394 2012 Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium
2011-193 Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium
2010-1714 San Clemente Criterium
2009-1601 Paramount Grand Prix
2008-1372 The Paramount Racing Criterium
2007-513 Long Beach Shoreline Circuit Race
2006-1789 Paramount Criterium