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Club Information

Team Great Divide
3598 centennial drive
545 So. Davis
Helena, MT 59601
(406) 431-6295
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Club ID: 6752
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Byron DeFord - President
William Tietz
Erin Woodrow
Erin Woodrow

Event Organizers:
Mark Brooke
Steve Coen
Joel Gerhart
Randall Green
William Tietz
Erin Woodrow

Club Teams:
Team Great Divide

W = Women Only Team
JR = Juniors Only Team
M = Masters Only Team
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Sponsored Events
2015-3349 Helena CX Fun Ride
2015-3322 Helena CX
2015-1885 Cow Country Classic
2014-3217 Helena CX Cup
2014-3011 WERKS race
2014-1328 Cow Country Classic
2013-3624 Helena Downs CX
2013-3198 WERKS
2013-2473 Last Chance Criterium
2013-1593 Cow Country Classic
2012-3352 Last Chance Cyclocross
2012-2898 WERKS
2012-2166 Last Chance Criterium
2012-1868 Cow Country Classic
2011-2784 W.E.R.K.s Mountain bike race
2011-2744 Last Chance Cyclocross
2011-1739 2011 Cow Country Classic
2010-2980 Helena Cyclocross
2010-2514 W.E.R.K.s Mountain bike race
2010-1347 Cow Country Classic
2009-2889 Team Great Divide MBRA Cyclocross
2009-2197 W.E.R.K.s Mountain bike race
2009-1487 Cow Country Classic
2008-2707 Cyclocross #7 MBRA
2008-2128 W.E.R.K.s Mountain bike race
2008-1209 cow country classic
2007-2445 Centennial Park Cyclocross
2007-2137 W.E.R.K.s Mountain bike race
2007-1315 cow country classic
2006-2223 MBRA Cyclocross Race #7
2006-1734 Werks Race
2006-1083 cow country classic
2005-2288 Montana Cyclocross #6
2005-1843 Werks Race
2005-1226 Cow Country Classic