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Club Information

New Orleans Bicycle Club Inc
18405 Reeves Dr.
Covington, LA 70435
(504) 982-8328
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Club ID: 402
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Roberta Beckers - Secretary/Treasurer
Patrick Fresneda - Racing Director
Mignon Guerin - Vice-President
Randall Legeai - Webmaster
Bob Monahan - President

Event Organizers:
Randall Legeai
Bob Monahan

Club Teams:
Apolline Racing

W = Women Only Team
JR = Juniors Only Team
M = Masters Only Team
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Sponsored Events
2016-1855 Tour de Louisiane
2016-1558 LAMBRA Individual Time Trial Championship
2016-1507 NOBC 2-Person Time Trial
2015-2977 Rocktoberfest
2015-2526 LAMBRA Individual Time Trial Championship
2015-1996 Tour de Louisiane
2015-1250 NOBC 2-Person Time Trial
2014-2516 LAMBRA Individual Time Trial Championship
2014-1819 Tour de Louisiane
2014-802 NOBC 2-Person Time Trial
2013-2000 Tour de Louisiane
2013-1313 NOBC 2-Person Time Trial
2012-3941 Junior Development Training Clinic
2012-2271 Tour de Lis
2012-2101 Tour de Louisiane
2012-1763 Tour Jeanne de Arc
2012-1360 NOBC 2-Person Time Trial
2011-1965 Tour de Louisiane
2011-1500 Tour de Lis
2011-795 NOBC 2-Person Time Trial
2010-3368 NOBC Junior Training Clinic
2010-1762 Tour de Lis Fun Ride
2010-1608 Tour de Louisiane
2010-570 NOBC 2-Person Time Trial
2009-2723 Rocktoberfest
2009-1562 Tour de Louisiane
2009-1323 Tour Jeanne de Arc
2009-809 Tour de Lis Criterium
2009-808 Tour de Lis Fun Ride
2009-582 NOBC 2-Person Time Trial
2008-2591 Rocktoberfest
2008-1383 Tour de Louisiane
2008-568 NOBC/Raising Cane's Racing 2-Person Time Trial
2007-2285 Rocktoberfest
2007-1154 Tour de Louisiane
2007-637 NOBC 2-Person Time Trial
2006-2202 Rocktoberfest
2006-1265 Tour de Louisiane
2006-465 Timmy Cappo's Rouge Roubaix
2006-221 NOBC 2-Person Time Trial
2005-1418 Tour de Louisiane
2005-681 NOBC 2-Person Time Trial