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Berkeley Bicycle Club (BBC)
K Benjamin Knipe
PO Box 165
Berkeley, CA 94701
(510) 847-5575
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Club ID: 229
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Expired 2015

Club Contacts:
Stefan Brunnschweiler - Vice-President
K Benjamin Knipe - President
David Skeehan - Treasurer
Richard Wilson - Vice-President

Event Organizers:
Stefan Brunnschweiler
Paul Hainsworth
Richard Wilson

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Sponsored Events
2015-781 Berkeley Hills Road Race
2014-1576 Berkeley Hills Road Race
2014-165 Red Kite Omnium #8-The 30th Annual Berkeley Bike Club Criterium
2013-2648 Berkeley Bicycle Club Criterium
2013-1392 Berkeley Hills Road Race
2012-2331 Berkeley Bicycle Club Criterium
2012-1053 Berkeley Hills Road Race
2011-2213 Berkeley Bicycle Club Criterium
2011-1402 Berkeley Hills Road Race
2010-2195 BBC Criterium
2010-122 Berkeley Bicycle Club Team Time Trial
2009-1825 Berkeley Bicycle Club Criterium
2009-773 Berkeley Hills Road Race
2009-220 Berkeley Bicycle Club Team Time Trial
2008-1779 Albany Centennial/High Wheeler Race
2008-1778 Berkeley Bicycle Club Criterium
2007-1435 Albany Criterium
2007-1171 Berkeley Hills Road Race Historic Ride
2007-485 Berkeley Hills Road Race
2007-484 Berkeley Bicycle Club Team Time Trial
2006-1692 Albany Criterium
2006-771 Berkeley Hills Road Race
2006-225 Pinole Team Time Trial
2005-1251 Albany Criterium
2005-190 Pinole TTT