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Get Out! New Mexico
Nina Baum
1016 Bryn Mawr Dr. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
(505) 681-9874
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Club ID: 13902
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Nina Baum - President
Sarah Fair - President
Connor Rice - President
Anona Whitley - President

Event Organizers:
Antonia DeHorney
Sarah Fair
Sarah Fair
Hawke Morgan

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Sponsored Events
2015-3628 Hays Apple Farm Cyclocross
2015-2987 Glorieta Camps/Get Out! NM
2014-3573 The Downs at Santa Fe
2014-3510 Stone Henge Pojoaque NMCX
2014-3339 Relay Races & Openers at Cuba, NM Camping weekend
2014-2942 NM Cyclocross Series Clinic
2014-2939 NM CX #9 Night Cross! presented by Get Out!
2013-4037 NM Cyclocross Regional Championship 2013
2013-3796 NM CX #8 Night Cross! presented by Get Out!
2013-3763 NM CX #7 Cuba NM, promoted by Oky Construction
2013-3596 Polk Middle School NMCX presented by DASH
2013-3422 NM Cyclocross Series Opener
2012-4049 New Mexico Cyclocross Regional Championships 2012
2012-4038 Hayes Apple Farm, NM Cyclocross Series Final
2012-3871 NMCX #5 Cuba - Get Out!
2012-3870 NMX CX #7 Night Cross Get Out!
2012-3739 NM CX #6, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park
2012-3572 Stone Henge Pojoaque NMCX 2
2012-3405 NM Cyclocross Series Opener
2012-3396 NM Cyclocross Series Clinic
2012-3387 TMTB Roosevelt
2012-1629 Oakflats
2012-461 New Mexico and West Texas Cyclocross Regional Cha
2011-3888 Hayes Apple Farm, NM Cyclocross Series Final
2011-3710 NMCX #5 & No Tubes Four Corners in Cuba, NM
2011-3644 NM CX #7, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park
2011-3413 Stone Henge Pojoaque
2011-3310 NM Cyclocross Series Opener
2011-3165 Northern NM Cyclocross Fiesta Clinic & Races
2011-1676 Oakflats