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Ashley Travieso
PO Box 80037
Athens, GA 30608
(706) 549-6632
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RDO ID: 13092
RDO Status: Expired 2015

RDO Contacts:
Gene Dixon - President

Event Organizers:
Gene Dixon
Chelsea Midlarsky
Rebecca Travieso

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Sponsored Events
2011-3124 Six Gap Criterium
2011-3091 Tour de la France Ride
2011-3090 Labor Day Omnium
2011-2241 Iron Hill Twilight Criterium
2011-1194 Global Imports Sandy Springs Cycling Challenge Fun
2011-1193 Global Imports Sandy Springs Cycling Challenge
2011-1175 Spartanburg Regional Classic
2011-1174 Downtown Walterboro Criterium
2011-1171 Beaufort Memorial Classic
2011-1169 Terrapin Twilight Criterium
2011-1048 The Athens Twilight Gambler Ride
2011-658 SB&T Bike Race Weekend
2010-2664 Tour de la France Ride
2010-2632 Tour de la France
2010-2631 US 10K Classic
2010-1819 Iron Hill Twilight Criterium
2010-1818 Georgia State Road Race Championships Weekend
2010-1798 Elberton Cup