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Altius Cycling Team
901 Moorefield Park Dr
Suite 200
Richmond, VA 23236
(804) 399-5700
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Club ID: 11849
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Zachary Bradshaw
Matthew Marchal - President
John Messersmith - President
Sean Yeager - Vice-President

Event Organizers:
Zachary Bradshaw
Matthew Marchal
John Messersmith

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Sponsored Events
2015-3469 Richmond Festival of CX
2015-3007 Bryan Park Pre Worlds
2015-1056 Bryan Park Training Series
2015-1056 Bryan Park Training Series
2014-2981 Richmond Festival of Cross
2014-2165 Working Man's Classic
2014-2165 Working Man's Classic
2014-1734 Bryan Park Training Series
2013-3575 Richmond Festival of Cross
2013-2333 Working Man's Classic
2013-1640 Bryan Park Training Series
2012-3307 Richmond Festival of Cross
2012-1723 Bryan Park Training Series
2011-3636 For Bread & Bicycles (VACX Finals)
2011-3388 Richmond Festival of Cross
2011-1832 Bryan Park Training Series
2010-3329 Cyclocross Alternationals
2010-2978 Richmond Festival of Cross
2010-1406 Bryan Park Training Series
2009-2674 Richmond Festival of Cross
2009-1304 Bryan Park Training Series
2008-2508 Richmond Festival of Cross
2008-2210 Bryan Park Criterium Training Series Youth Ride
2008-1144 Bryan Park Criterium Training Series