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Farm Team Cycling
Club Pended - Please contact USA Cycling
51 Coila Road
Cambridge, NY 12816
(618) 677-8423
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Club ID: 11292
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Expired 2015

Club Contacts:
Dieter Drake - Owner

Event Organizers:
Dieter Drake

Club Teams:
Farm Team Elite Men's Cycling Team
Farm Team Elite Women's Cycling Team --( W )--
Farm Team Juniors --( JR )--

W = Women Only Team
JR = Juniors Only Team
M = Masters Only Team
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Sponsored Events
2015-2148 Glens Falls Downtown Criterium
2015-2101 Tour of the Catskills
2015-1358 Greene County Summer Classic
2015-760 Tour of the Battenkill
2014-2135 Hunter-Greene Summer Classic - NYS RR Championships
2014-2035 Tour of the Catskills
2014-1697 Hunter Mountain Spring Classic
2014-1697 Hunter Mountain Spring Classic
2014-522 Tour of the Battenkill
2014-522 Tour of the Battenkill
2013-4057 SHUT UP KEGS
2013-4057 SHUT UP KEGS
2013-3307 Hunter Mountain Fall Classic
2013-1882 Tour of the Catskills
2013-1076 Hunter Mountain Spring Classic
2013-700 BattenSpring Classic
2013-353 The Tour of the Dragons
2013-103 Tour of the Battenkill
2012-3961 CHAIR
2012-3666 BattenFall Classic
2012-3228 Tour of the Adirondacks
2012-3045 Vail Time Trial
2012-2980 Bicycling Vail Challenge
2012-2860 Tour of Vail Criterium
2012-2679 Hunter Mountain Fall Classic
2012-2576 2012 NYS TT Championships
2012-1844 Battenkill Kids Tour
2012-1676 Tour of the Catskills
2012-1551 Tour of the Battenkill Spring Challenge Preview Ri
2012-1471 Hunter Mountain Spring Classic
2012-1399 Tour of the Battenkill Pro Invitational (UCI
2012-873 The Tour of the Dragons
2012-71 Tour of the Battenkill Pro/Am
2011-3317 BattenFall Classic
2011-2837 Tour of the Adirondacks
2011-1403 Tour of Washtenaw
2011-974 Tour of the Battenkill Professional Men
2011-918 Tour of the Catskills
2011-648 Cycle for Health Bike Marathon - Battenkill
2011-522 Tour of the Battenkill Spring Preview Ride
2011-130 Tour of the Battenkill Pro/Am
2010-2348 Altamont Criterium
2010-2010 2010 NYS TT Championships
2010-1420 Tour of the Catskills
2010-1352 Marshall & Sterling Saratoga Criterium
2010-1005 Tour of the Battenkill Pro Invitational (UCI 1.2)
2010-128 Tour of the Battenkill
2009-2339 Altamont Circuit Race
2009-1378 Marshall & Sterling Racing City Grand Prix / NYS C
2009-1360 Balloon Festival Classic
2009-580 Tour of the Battenkill Cyclo-Sportif
2009-553 Tour of the Battenkill Invitational
2009-57 Tour of the Battenkill
2008-2478 Battenkross
2008-1865 Stillwater Time Trial
2008-1770 Glens Falls Downtown Criterium / NYS Crit Champs
2008-1374 Balloon Festival Classic
2008-79 Tour of the Battenkill
2007-2360 Battenkill-Roubaix Cyclo-Sportif
2007-2336 Tour de Farm
2007-1046 New York Time Trial Championship
2007-871 Balloon Festival Classic
2007-252 Farm Team Cycling Spinning Class
2007-9 Battenkill-Roubaix
2006-1214 Balloon Festival Classic/NYS RR Championships