Chile Challenge heats up Pro GRT in New Mexico this weekend


The Chile Challenge will mark the fourth of six 2012 USA Cycling Pro Gravity Tour (Pro GRT) races this weekend. The downhill action will kick off Saturday, June 9 and run through Sunday, June 10 in Angel Fire, N.M.

The MSC operations crew arrived in Angel Fire today to find pristine trails and a little rain as they began to prep courses for the weekend. With another spout of rain in the forecast for Wednesday, the courses will be primed and ready for your arrival!

This weekend is the fourth stop on the Pro GRT circuit. With the top pros in the country chasing down points, we expect to see deep field in pro downhill race. Even if you're racing is done on Saturday, be sure to stick around for some of the most exciting racing of the weekend!
A few things so you get your bearings once you arrive on site! Registration has changed locations. It will be in the Bike Shop Building uphill from the Chile Express.

We are running a new cross country course that is a bit different than in years' past. Angel Fire's new uphill-only trail, "Enlightenment", designed for Collegiate Nationals is fast! It's an awesome, smooth, flowy, and a bit steep at times climb that leads you into the XC descent "Sierra". Each lap is 5.5 miles and winning lap time was approximately 30 minutes at Collegiate Nationals. You can download a printable PDF of the cross country course by clicking here.

The downhill couse incorporates a 1000'  descent of fresh track that includes Upper Chillin' and some revamped Lower World Cup. The new track starts underneath the Chili Chairlift at Tower 18. This track with undoubetly showcase the rider with the best riding skill, pedal power and best flat out speed. Think BMX track with gnar on top. Times are estimated to be in the 2:30 minute range. You can download a printable PDF of the downhill track by clicking here.

The dual slalom track will be the highlight of the weekend- super fun, flowy, fast and well built, this track is a BMX inspiration. There are a total of six turns and six obstacles on the way to the finish line. The track is a bit shorter than the 4X track and will be a much easier walk to the top. You can download a printable PDF of the downhill track by clicking here.

The super d course is a mega-avalanche style with 2,000' of vertical and roughly a 10-minute Pro winning time. Primarily double track to allow for plenty of passing, this track is approximately 6 miles long and has a couple of very short and very sprintable climbs mid-way through the track. You can download a printable PDF of the super d track by clicking here.

Angel Fire Resort has thrown together some inticing lodging packages to make staying at the base of the mountain easy and afforable!
CAMPING- $25 per night
CAMPING PACKAGE- $49 per person per night which includes a lift ticket, a $10 voucher for Legend's Grill, a breakfast burrito and coffee at the Coffee House.
HOTEL PACKAGE- $59 per person per night (based on double occupancy) which includes a lift ticket, a $10 voucher for Legend's Grill, a breakfast burrito and coffee at the Coffee House.

All Angel Fire Resort condominiums are at a 25% discount. To book your room now, call 1-800-633-7363 or go to
And last, but not least, we are looking for volunteers to help load/unload lift chairs. If you volunteer for 2 hours, you will get a free lift ticket! Tickets are transferable to your kids as well. Contact Keith at or 719-221-1251 if you can volunteer.

All Mountain States Cup events will be qualifiers for USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships. For detailed information on all events, visit
Bigfoot Productions was established in 2006 in conjunction with Yeti Cycles to expand and improve the Mountain States Cup Series and promote bike industry involvement in racing. For further inquiries please contact or 720-407-6142.

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