USACYCLING  • Ian Garrison

Ian Garrison

D.O.B April 14, 1998
Height 6'3"
Birthplace Decatur, GA
Hometown Decatur, GA
Residence Decatur, GA
Pro Teams Hagens Berman Axeon


"<strong>He may have earned a bronze medal at last year's junior world time trial championships, but Ian Garrison will tell you he can do more than just excel in races against the clock.</strong>

"The time trial is where I have had most of my success," he said, "but I like to think I am an all-arounder. I can climb fairly well. I have won a sprint stage. So I consider myself an all-arounder."

As one of eight riders new to the [Axeon Cycling] team and being in his first Under 23 season, Garrison said he will be anxious to take on a learning role. But he also has a few goals in mind.

"As a first-year rider in the U23 ranks, you usually grow into bigger races," he said. "The Tour of Utah would be something I would like to do, or really any and all of the big American races. Plus, the "Baby Giro" in Italy (Girobio) is back. So I want to learn from the races I get to do."

<ul><li>Language spoken: English</li><li>Favorite app: The Camera App</li><li>Favorite movie: "Forrest Gump"</li><li>Favorite actor or actress: Leonardo DiCaprio </li><li>Favorite musical group: Sia</li><li>Race he would someday like to win: Paris Roubaix</li><li>After cycling, I would like to: give back to the cycling community that has given so much to me. "I haven’t figured out how yet, but hopefully I have got a few years to think it out.""</li></ul>--

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