2019 Best In Kit Contest

By: Kelly Clarke  April 03, 2019

Follow along on Instagram Stories and vote for your favorite kit!

We've got bracket fever, and with so many #newkitday reveals this spring, we want to know which are your favorite kits of the season! Follow along on our Instagram Stories to vote for your favorites, and check back here to see how the contest progresses. UPDATE: The bracket is full. Thanks everyone for participating in this fun contest!

Round 2, Day 2

The first day of round two had a tie between Fayetteville Wheelmen Cycling Club and Cannonball/Hub Racing. Look for the tie breaker round on Friday.  Which kits in today's round are your favorite? Head over to our Instagram Stories to see!

Goodyear Cycling vs. Otto Velo Racing
KLiCK Cycling vs. Hagerty Cycling
Haute Wheels Racing vs. Main Street Bicycles Sasquatch Squadron
Portland State University vs. CRCA
Blue Agave Racing vs. QCW P/B Cadence Cycling 
National Capital VeloT Club (NCVC) vs. UNT
Pirate Cycling vs Team EPS
Pro Bike FC Women’s Cycling vs. Oberlin College Cycling Club

Round 2, Day 1

Welcome to Round two where the competition is sure to be fierce as we move towards determining the best kit design of 2019 - voted on by our peers!

Agility PT p/b Beyond Category Coaching vs. CS Velo Racing
Appalachian State University Cycling vs. Velohana Cycling
ATX Sirens, Driveway Sheros vs. Velocious Sport
Team Laser Cats vs. Half Acre Cycling
Colorado School of Mines Cycling vs. SkyFlash Racing
Fayetteville Wheelmen Cycling Club vs. Cannonball/Hub Racing
Comrade Cycling vs. Cal State Fullerton
Vite Racing vs. UMass Amherst Cycling

Round 1, Day 4

Last round had its first photo finish - a 50%/50% split, but the Pirates came out eight votes ahead to take the win. Day 4 promises to be just as intense as we close out Round 1 of #BestInKit.

Portland State University vs. Southern Velo
CRCA vs. Iron Bridge / Tarmac Cycling
Haute Wheels Racing vs. Apex Racing Team
Main Street Bicycles Sasquatch Squadron vs. Supra Cycling Team
North Atlanta Riding Club vs. KLiCK Cycling
Hagerty Cycling vs. Sorella Cycling
Goodyear Cycling vs. Speed Merchants
Otto Velo Racing vs. Laurel Bicycle Club

Round 1, Day 3

Basketball brackets have been decided, but there's plenty of competition left in the inaugural #BestInKit competition!

Pro Bike FC Women’s Cycling vs. Team FLO
Oberlin College Cycling Club vs. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
VeloBrew Cycling Club vs. Pirate Cycling
PJW Racing vs. Team EPS
National Capital Velo Club (NCVC) vs. Western New York Bike Racing Club
Truett McConnell University vs. University of North Texas
Blue Agave Racing vs. New Orleans Bicycle Club Inc.
QCW P/B Cadence Cycling vs. Pandemonium Cycling p/b Hodges Bend

Round 1, Day 2

Day 1 brought heated competition with some very close finishes. Vote for your favorite kits on Instagram Stories as we continue with Round One of the Best In Kit bracket.

Team Laser Cats vs. TLC (Team life Cyclers)
Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club, Inc. vs. Half Acre Cycling
Rollfast Cycling Club vs. ATX Sirens, Driveway Sheros
Drop Bar Army vs. Velocious Sport
Appalachian State University Cycling vs. Arizona State University
Velohana Cycling vs. Clemson Cycling Club
Team Velosport Junior Development vs. Agility PT p/b Beyond Category Coaching
Mooresville Area Cyclists vs. CS Velo Racing

Round 1, Day 1

For the first call ups you'll find eight match-ups. Vote for your favorite kits on Instagram Stories by following us. Thanks to these clubs for toeing the line with us. Best of luck! 

Dirty Squirrels Racing vs. Vite Racing
UMass Amherst Cycling vs. University of Tennessee Cycling
Comrade Cycles vs. Peloton Cycles
Cal State Fullerton vs. University of Georgia
Fayetteville Wheelmen Cycling Club vs. Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team
Cannonball/Hub Racing vs. Wolfpack Fueled by Iguanas Ranas Cantina
Middlebury College vs. Colorado School of Mines Cycling
SkyFlash Racing vs. Northeast Alabama Bicycle Association