April 25, 2012 LA Call


When: Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Time: 10:45 Mountain Time
LINK TO RECORDED CALL:  http://www.anymeeting.com/impqlrntha/EA57DC87884D
            Attendees:   Jack McNeal (BRAO), Kingsley Rutters (TBRA), Kevin Lennon (MCF), Bonnie Walker (TXBRA), Yvonne van Gent (BRAC), John Sammut (MBRA), Jeff Poulin (NYSBRA) John Patterson (GABRA), Judy Rhyne (CCA), Steve Mathias (NMBRA), Diane Fortini (NEBRA),  Keith Creeden (FRCA), Don Russell (MTBRA),  Greg Aden (SCNCA), Dave Fowkes (ICA),  and Randy Legeai (LAMBRA).
Staff:  Gordon Weldon, Larry Martin, Valecia Frasier, Susan Diller, Andrea Brunelli, Randy Inglis, Jeff Hansen, Beth Vialpando, Jan Luke, Stuart Lamp, and Fred Blattspieler.
If you were present for the call, and I missed your name, please send me an e-mail so that I may add you to the list

  1. On-line Post Event Form wrap up
Heather Rockwell
  • New features
  • Feedback
  • Prototype – Heather will create a prototype.  LAs may share the prototype with select CRs and Race Directors.
  1.  Example guidelines for giving upgrade credit for rider clinics
  • Jeff Poulin (NYSBRA)
  • Trying implement the policy for clinic upgrade credits listed in the USAC rulebook and looking for objective guidelines
  • Developed guidelines:  http://www.nysbra.com/racing/beginners-info/
  • Don Russell (MTBRA) has been hosting clinics since approx 2004:
    • Provide a 2-3 hour in class session (1 race credit for Cat 5 to 4, Women Cat 4 to 3)
    • Afternoon session 3 to 4 hour session – 2 race credits from Cat 5 to 4
    • Assign them a mentor for their 1st race, and they get 2 additional credits for that mentoring activity if they perform reasonably well
  • Are there requirements for the level of coach for NYSBR’s program
    • Want USAC licensed coach but do not require that the be a specific level
  • NYSBRA uses guidelines written by Ted Fisher of NCNCA
  • Dave Fowkes (ICA) uses guidelines written by Steve Thordarson
  • How are participants uploaded into the USAC’s database?
    • The clinics are permitted
    • The RD submits the results to USAC and lists the participants as DNP
    • Results for non-competitive events can be uploaded into the USAC results database
  • NYSBRA does not have any upgrade clinics for track
  • Fred will share the documents written by Ted Fisher and Steve Thordarson with the LAs.
  1. Rider upgrade requests
Riders that have submitted upgrade requests, and the request had not been processed yet, were unable to register for events.  We have changed this process, now riders can register for a race and will be able to register in their current category.  The rider will still show as pended, but can proceed with registering.  Dave Fowkes suggested that for the riders that are pended, a reason should be listed as there are other reasons riders are pended – Heather will add that to the IT list.
  1. On-Line Rebate Registration
  • LAs will receive .40 cents for each net transaction.  A net transaction includes all entries and purchases made at one time as one credit card transaction and is net of all chargebacks and refunds.
  •  The rebate payments will be included with your quarterly license rebate checks.
  • LAs do not have to complete a form or opt in to receive the rebates, they will be sent automatically.
  • The minimum of 50 entrants could result in the smaller LAs not receiving a portion of the rebate.  Gordon will work with smaller LAs and is open to further discussion.
  1. 2012 LA Summit
  • Friday, November 2nd through Sunday, November 4th
  • Topic ideas – open forum, and transitioning to 1 license for both MTB and Road
  1. Open discussion

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