2014 Captech USA Cycling Collegiate Road Nationals Communique 1


2014 Captech USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships
May 2-4, 2014
Richmond, VA

Communiqué No 1
General issues
  • Clothing regulations will be enforced.  Similar uniforms with team identification are required as noted in USAC Collegiate regulations 6E1 and 6E2. Team clothing is required for podium presentations
  • Bikes must meet UCI regulations for mass start events. 
  • Portable toilets are available in the team parking and staging areas. Please use them.  Do not risk being penalized or disqualified for public urination.   You can be disqualified from the event, given civil fines, given race fines or not allowed to start if this is disregarded.
  • The time trail course will be open (although not completely closed) for warm up at 8:45
Time Trial
  • Lapping riders and starting riders may encounter each other on the course.  Regulations concerning follow and side distances must be observed.
  • Please review the finishing procedure for the time trial in the tech guide.  Finishing riders must take the fenced deviation to the right, two blocks beyond the line.
  • Timing is on the front wheel of the third rider.  Dropped riders must ride with caution and be aware of possible traffic movement.  
  • The pit at Belvedere and cannot be reached by accessed by teams and will be neutral only
  • Only one back number is required for the TT.
  • Please see the official start list for start order.  This may be different than the originally published.
  • All numbers are required.  Number placement is per the tech guide.
  • Please report to the staging area and be ready for call-ups and staging instructions. 
  • Free laps are allowed until 5 laps to go.
  • Early finish.  Groups out of contention will be informed if they will finish early and will receive a bell and finish on the next lap.  Failure to withdraw after finishing will result in disqualification.
Road Race
  • Feeding is not allowed on the first or last lap.  Feeding will be allowed between 10th and 8th street (this is extended one block from the tech guide)
  • Riders out of contention will be given a bell at approximately 1 KM to go (near the turn to Governor and Main street)-NOT 3KM to go.  Riders given the bell at this location will be placed in the order they cross the line (which may include points) and must withdraw at that time.  Failure to withdraw will result in disqualification.  The race officials will work to inform riders of planned finishes for these riders, but the bell will be your final indication.
  • Team mechanics can be stationed around the course with equipment
  • USAC regulations regarding penalties and fines are applicable.
  • USADA Posting at or near the stage
  • The antidoping room is in the next door Convention center, room B11

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