2012 Supercross Cup update


Nor'easter 'Cross at Loon Mtn. Cat 3 men Category 3 men race during the Nor'easter 'Cross race at Loon Mtn. in Lincoln, NH. (Photo by Ned Hammond)
Nor'easter 'Cross at Loon Mtn. Cat 3 men Category 3 men race during the Nor'easter 'Cross race at Loon Mtn. in Lincoln, NH. (Photo by Ned Hammond)
Dear Supercross Cup Racers, Sponsors, and Spectators,

We regret to announce that the 2012 edition of the Supercross Cup UCI C2-C2 races will have to be postponed. The exact details are still in the works, but we are hoping to host the race on Dec. 8-9. Please read on for more details.

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we inspected Eisenhower Park and met with Nassau County Parks officials. The park was in good condition and we were assured the race would be able to take place. We continued moving forward with race planning with the expectation that the race would take place as scheduled.

This weekend we returned to the park to begin course preparations. We discovered that disaster relief agencies including FEMA and National Grid had begun using the park as a staging area for out of state line crews who were brought in to help deal with the electricity crisis. Over 350 workers are sleeping, eating, and showering in temporary housing built in the park. Nassau County Parks officials have decided to close the park to prevent any accidents with the massive amounts of equipment being driven in and out of the park.

We have contacted the UCI and have the preliminary go-ahead to hold the race on Dec. 8 and 9. As long as the park is available by that point, the race will go on as scheduled and any entries will be automatically transferred to that date. Riders who cannot make the date can contact us and we will put their entry fee towards local Hurricane Sandy relief efforts – or they can request a refund of their entry fee.

We appreciate your understanding as we attempt to deal with these unforeseen circumstances. We will update all racers as we receive new information.

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In addition, we will be working on a day of volunteering on Saturday, Nov. 17 in place of the race. We encourage you to join us in helping the Rockaways- many folks lost almost everything, and there is still a lot of work to do in cleaning up. We will do what we can to help the residents of our region.

Details on the volunteer day: We will be meeting at Ride Brooklyn on Saturday, Nov. 17 at 8 a.m. If you have a car please bring it and we will arrange car pooling at the shop. Please feel free to bring any cleanup supplies, donations, etc., that you can and we will have these dropped off as well.

Please respond via the Facebook meetup group. If you're driving, let us know how many free seats you have to spare. If you need a ride, please let us know how many seats you need. We will send an additional update via email and our social media channels.

Rockaways cleanup, meeting at Ride Brooklyn bike shop: http://www.facebook.com/events/552877954727825/

Thanks again,

The Supercross Cup Team

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