14 Americans awarded permanent BMX numbers by UCI


Colorado Springs, Colo. (October 26, 2012) — The International Cycling Union (UCI) announced the 2013 permanent career numbers for elite men and elite women BMX competitors. Beginning January 1, 2013, these numbers must be used on number plates at all international BMX events and must also be used on the back of a rider’s race jersey.

The following 14 American riders were assigned the following numbers:

155 Rusty Nesvig (San Diego, Calif./Factory Intense) 33 Dani George (Palmdale, Calif./Supercross BMX)
165 Nicholas Koehler (Tustin, Calif.) 97 Shelby Stacy (Bakersfield, Calif.)
179 Justin Posey (Winston Salem, N.C.)  
226 Lain Van Ogle (Auburn, Wash./Hyper)  
294 Austin Hiatt (Fresno, Calif.)  
337 Randall Lewis (Surprise, Ariz.)  
356 Issiah Hill (Calgary, Alberta, CAN)  
411 Jeremy Rommel (Hesperia, Calif./SupercrossBMX.com)  
445 Jordan Miranda (Bakersfield, Calif.)  
763 Elliot McGrath (Plymouth, Minn.)  
915 Fernie Jacquez (San Antonio, Texas)  
931 Bryce Hocking (Carlsbad, Calif.)  

The UCI introduced the permanent BMX number system for Elite Men and Elite Women in 2006. This allows riders to choose a “career number” which they have the exclusive right to use for their entire Elite class career. This offers riders the possibility to market themselves and assists identification by the media and spectators.

The system has proven to be very successful, with the top athletes recognized by their numbers. Riders like #365 Mike Day (San Diego, Calif./GT-Red Bull) have become easily identifiable. Due to the success of the permanent career numbers the UCI was not able to attribute all numbers asked.

The numbers 1 to 8 are reserved for the finalists of the UCI BMX World Championships.

The UCI Permanent BMX Number list is available online.

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