Yannick Eckmann


Yannick Eckmann headshot 2014

Name: Yannick Eckmann
Current Residence: Boulder, Colo.
Hometown: Boulder, Colo.
Birthdate: November 30, 1993
Birthplace: Freiburg, Germany
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 153 lbs.
Current Coach: Neal Henderson
Team: California Giant Berry Farms / Specialized


High School: Boulder H.S. (Boulder, Colo.) Class of '12
Foreign Languages Spoken: German
Other Sports Played in High School: Mountain bike club (1 year)

Career Highlights

  • 28th, 2014 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships (Hoogerheide, Netherlands), U23 men
  • 2nd, 2014 USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships, U23 men
  • Member of U.S. Team at 2014 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships
  • 3rd, 2013 Trek CX Cup Day 2, elite men
  • 1st, 2013 CCCX, Pro 1/2
  • 1st, 2013 Cross of the North, Pro 1/2
  • 1st, 2013 Cascade Classic sprint jersey competition, Pro 1
  • 2nd, 2013 Cascade Classic KOM jersey competition, Pro 1
  • 1st, 2013 Mike Horgan Hill Climb, Pro 1/2
  • 1st, 2013 North Boulder Park Crit, Pro 1/2
  • 3rd, 2013 Coal Miners Classic Crit, Pro 1/2
  • 2nd overall, 2013 Iron Horse Classic, Pro 1/2
  • 2nd, 2013 Iron Horse Classic time trial, Pro 1/2
  • 2nd, 2013 Iron Horse Classic criterium, Pro 1/2
  • 3rd, 2013 Iron Horse Classic road race, Pro 1/2
  • 3rd, 2013 New Years Resolution Chicago day 1, elite men
  • 1st, 2013 USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships, U23 men
  • 17th, 2013 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships, U23 men

Favorite Race: Cascade Classic (road) and Louisville (cyclo-cross)

Favorite Place to Train: California

Best Advice Received From a Coach When Starting Out: To always have fun with it.

Motivation: Past failure and wanting to do better than the year before.

Cycling & Personal/Career Goals: Make it onto a Pro Tour team, win a world championship, and live a happy life.

Hero/Role Model: Sven Nys

First Involvement in Cycling: My parents used to be cyclists on the road and mountain bike. They got me into cycling when I was young and once I stepped foot on those pedals I started to love it and just wanted to keep doing it So I have my parents to thank for where they got me so far.

Charity Work/Community Involvement: Helps out with his high school mountain bike club from time to time.

Hobbies: Golfing and skiing

Family: Parents are Juergen and Hannelore Eckmann...has a brother, Robin...Hannelore competed in mountain bike/downhill from 1988-90, placing third at the Europe Grundic Downhill Cup...Juergen competed in mountain bike and road cycling from 1983-90, placing second at the German mountain bike nationals and winning the Tour de Martinique, and racing with the German national road team...uncle and godfather, Juergen Sprich, competed in downhill, mountain bike, cyclo-cross and road from 1985-93, placing second in the German 17-18 cyclo-cross championships. He was also a European downhill champion, German mountain bike champion, and multiple-time German national champion in cyclo-cross.

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