Weekly Collegiate Racing Wrap - October 16, 2012


WCCC: Chico Race Weekend - by Kirsten Pearsons

UCSB Rider Nik Bentio
UCSB Rider Nik Bentio
So what’s so cool about Oroville, CA? Well other than being home to the tallest dam in the United States, Oroville was the site of the WCCC’s last race weekend before nationals. Hosted by CSU Chico, the weekend included a spectator friendly short track, fast-paced downhill course, and a scenic cross-country course.

Saturday morning began with the short track races. The course started off with a fun segment of turns and dips through the trees with a short climb up to the start line. The climb passed right by the road which gave teammates plenty of opportunity for encouragement and good-natured heckling. The downhill races went through the afternoon on a course that was simply described as slightly technical and extremely fast. The cross country races started early on Sunday morning and continued throughout the day. The multi-lap cross country race was very similar to the short track: the course started with a short fire road downhill and continued on a few miles of flowing trails that overlooked Lake Oroville. A sharp turn took riders up the main ascending fire road with a loose gravely decent to the switchback finish.

Essence Barton of Cal Lutheran took first place in all of the women’s A’s events – tying for first with Chico’s Ariana Altier in downhill. Chico riders swept the men’s A’s events with Bobby Zidek taking first in both endurance events and Robert Boger taking first in downhill. Although the weekend held a lot of victories for the hosting team, there was a tense moment when Chico rider Kevin Rayburn went down after a high-speed crash on the downhill course. May your recovery be quick, Kevin!

As a final note, best of luck to the WCCC racers going to nationals!

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