Weekly Collegiate Race Recap - September 24, 2013


ACCC: West Virginia Race Weekend - by Charles Ramsbotham

Katy Applin on her way to winning at WVU.
Katy Applin on her way to winning at WVU.
The ACCC spent the weekend in West Virginia to see why the state is so wild and wonderful.  The trails were located at Big Bear Lake Campland which was the perfect setting for an exciting couple of days. 
To begin the weekend riders faced a tough cross-country event.  Saturday's course was the most technical yet this season.  Many riders ran into mechanical trouble throughout the day of racing.  Men's A would be won by Charlie Snyder, a Virginia Commonwealth University rider, while Women's A went to Katy Applin (Wake Forest).
As cross-country finished the rain started.  With a long time gap until short track the ground had plenty of time to get sloppy.  Falling temperatures would also contribute to a tough race in the afternoon.  The short track course was tight with a few rocky sections.  The most prominent feature would be the mud.  Men's A Miles Hubbard (Appalachian State) would take the win after getting the lead a couple of laps in.  While Katy Applin (Wake Forest) won the Women's A race.
Sunday's cross-country race was similar to Saturday's but a greater distance.  The men's A field would be put to the test racing 29 miles.  Saturday's rain also created some nice swamp-like sections for riders to navigate.  Men's A Connor Bell (James Madison) showed up to win the race.  His main competition Miles Hubbard (Appalachian State) would finish a whole 9 minutes behind for 2nd place.  Katy Applin (Wake Forest) would round off a great weekend of racing with another win.
Next weekend the ACCC will be in Virginia for a race hosted by Virginia Tech.


WCCC: Fresno State MTB Race Weekend - by Kirsten Pearsons

And they’re off! The WCCC’s start to the mountain bike race season was hosted by Fresno State at the China Peak Ski Resort. Early Saturday morning, riders gathered to pick up their new and colorful season-long number plates before they headed out onto the lollypop shaped XC course. The course was a grind of unrelenting fireroad climbs and a loose, twisty descent. Steven Pearl of Humboldt State took first in Men’s A’s and Essence Barton of California Lutheran took first in Women’s A’s. After a short lunch break, riders ascended via ski lift to the Super D start where they were greeted with deep sandy turns and scorching fireroad descents. Alfonso Garcia secured first in Men’s A’s Super D while Essence Barton earned her second first of the day. 
While the XC and Super D courses were nothing the talented WCCC riders couldn’t handle, the weather started to look otherwise. It was at this point that we said goodbye to the beautiful California weather which, last spring, had granted us a nearly rain-free road season. Cold rain and hail showered riders as some teams took refuge in a small cabin while others toughed it out in their flooded tents. Scattered lighting and thunder echoed off the hills and the top of the downhill course received a dusting of snow. So much for sunny California! 
Short Track race starts were delayed on Sunday so riders had a chance to thaw from the cold night and defrost their bikes. In the men’s A field, a small group of riders broke away early on in the race but after Nick Newcomb’s (UCSC) attack, none of the other rider could touch him. Fresno’s own rider Ryan Brooks made for an exciting Men’s C race when he lapped every rider in his field. By the time Downhill started it had warmed up a bit but there were still some small patches of snow at the top of the tight and technical course. The snow didn’t faze the Super D leaders Alfonso Garcia and Essence Barton who also won their respective Downhill races. The weekend ended with a swift posting of results and podium as teams were eager to return to warmer grounds. So far it looks like the WCCC is going to have an exciting and dynamic mountain bike season. Next weekend we head to another high-altitude race weekend hosted by University of Nevada, Reno. We’re keeping our fingers crossed in hopes that it doesn’t snow!

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