Weekly Collegiate Race Recap - September 16, 2013


SECCC: Georgia Tech Race Weekend – by Spencer Lowden

Riders set off at the Georgia Tech mountain bike race weekend.
Riders set off at the Georgia Tech mountain bike race weekend.
Another weekend of SECCC mountain bike racing is in the books with this weekend’s race, The Granite Assault, put on by Georgia Tech. Beautiful weather and racing on some of the same trails as the 1996 Olympics meant only good times ahead. Saturday was filled with the always high-intensity Short Track as well as the only gravity event of the weekend, Dual Slalom.

 The short track was a quick lap running just over a minute filled with a mix of tight single track and open field sections with little time to recover. In the Men’s A race, Wes Lamberson (Union College) took the win with a strong sprint on the final lap to hold off Zach Valdez (Brevard College) and the rest of the lead pack. While in the Women’s A race, Erica Zaveta (Brevard College) put in another impressive race winning by a large margin. 

Late afternoon brought along with Dual Slalom. The mixture of high speeds and loose corners kept the race interesting and exciting, causing the riders to have to race at a level where they could maintain the necessary traction while still keeping speed down the whole course. The men’s A field slowly shrunk until Cody Phillips (Lees-Mcrae College) and Mac Banner (Brevard College) were the two final riders competing for the win. Both runs were neck and neck with Mac Banner taking the win in an exciting fashion. The Women’s A finals were soon after with Allsion Jones (Warren Wilson College) edging out Sarah Hill (Brevard College).

Sunday opened up and finished with Cross-Country racing on some of the same trails as the 96’ Olympic race course.     Brevard teammates Zach Valdez and Erica Zaveta both took home wins in their respective categories closing out the weekend with blazing fast times and stellar performances by all teams.

The next SECCC mountain bike race is September 28th in Clemson, SC.


ACCC: William & Mary Race – by Charles Ramsbotham

A Wake Forest rider enjoys the courses at William & Mary's race weekend.
A Wake Forest rider enjoys the courses at William & Mary's race weekend.
This weekend the riders in the ACCC found themselves in Williamsburg, VA for William and Mary's race in Freedom Park.  Unfortunately VCU's portion of the weekend on Saturday was canceled so all of the action took place on Sunday.  

Racing started off with the cross-country early in the morning.  To reach the trail, riders raced down a long wide fire road with patches of ground the consistency of peanut butter. Once on the trail conditions were tight and twisty with a surprising amount of climbing.  Connor Bell (James Madison University) and John Michael Gorum (Appalachian State University) were the leaders the whole way in the Men's A field.  Over the ~26 miles Bell held a pretty consistent gap over Gorum.  Occasionally Bell would lose some time but he always found places to make it back up.  Katy Applin (Wake Forest) beat Lauren Macdonald (Appalachian State University) to win the Women's A race.

The second race of the day was a fast short track.  Without many technical sections and a long fire road to cruise on racers were able to hold their speed well.  Men's B was an exciting race with a three man group of two NC State riders and one from University of Virginia pulling away from the start.  After many laps it was down to just one UVA and State rider.  Richard O'Briant of NC State would hold on from that first lap to take the win.  The A race would be dominated by Stephen Vogel (Wake Forest).  Gorum (ASU) and Bill Lucy (Virginia Tech) put in strong efforts to chase him down but it wasn't enough.  Significant gaps formed between the three leaders as they began to work their way through the back of the field lapping riders.  Vogel, Gorum, and Lucy went 1, 2, 3.  

Next weekend the racing will take place in West Virginia for West Virginia University's home event!

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